10 Content Ideas for Estate Agents

Property transactions can be very confusing, and for those who are in the market to buy or sell a home, the process of getting started can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Fortunately, estate agents are in the perfect position to give them all the information that they need, and the best way to do that is by providing useful content that informs and adds value to their experience.

These days, more estate agents than ever before have seen the sign of the true potential of property marketing through blog posts and valuable content that establishes their brand as an authority in the property industry and keeps their business at the front of the customer’s mind when choosing the right estate agency for them. Helping to generate traffic and drive up conversions, an estate agent blog is a great way to help your website rise up the ranks of the Google search engine and, best of all, it’s a low-cost online marketing solution!

However, even though estate agents have already acknowledged that tapping into the power of social media and online blogging is a vital modern marketing resource, it represents several challenges. It can be difficult to think of ideas for estate agent blog posts, especially once your website has been up and running for a while. Fortunately, we can offer you some help. If you’re running out of post ideas, these top tips should point you in the right direction and help you to come up with ideas for estate agents that are interesting and above all, relevant to your target audience.

1. Blog Posts To Generate Traffic From Social Media

The first type of blog post you’ll probably want to write is one that will help you to create more leads to your website. This type of post will target those thinking about moving house, offering them helpful advice and information. Hence, they become more interested in the areas that your business covers. Potential buyers can be targeted with content highlighting the top local schools, for example, or details about the low crime statistics in the area. Targeting those who want to sell can be done by explaining the complexities of the selling process in a concise, easy-to-follow how-to format. Creating an article of this type will add a lot of value for all types of customers as you will be giving them the benefit of your expertise together with the knowledge that they’re seeking. Information posts like these are also ripe for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which provides the bonus of raising awareness of your brand in the local community, boosting your followers, and increasing engagement through comments.

2. Posts To Establish Your Agency As A Local Influencer

You want your estate agency company to be recognised as a top business in your local community and to do this, you need to establish your brand as an authority presence in the area that stands out ahead of its professional competition. When people are interested in relocating to a particular area, they’re on the lookout for location information that will help them to make a decision about where to live, and you can create content that helps them with this research process. Talking about the best local area attractions or restaurants will help answer users questions, while articles about local history or popular day trips in the surrounding area are a great way to influence buyers’ decisions when choosing a new home. Essentially, you’re targeting your audience by showing them the benefits of moving to your area. These articles are also useful in supporting your social media campaigns. Local businesses such as restaurants and bars that you mention in your posts may share your blog with their own followers via their own Facebook or Twitter accounts, enabling you to promote your business for free.

3. Checklists

One of the best ideas for estate agents blogs is the checklist post. Quick and easy to read as well as relatively simple and speedy to write, checklists could be just what you’re looking for when you’re in the market for creating some new material fast. Your target audience will also find these posts inherently valuable since they give practical tips that they can actually act on. There is an enormous variety of list style posts that you can create. Checklists are useful for tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers alike and the topics are virtually endless – you can offer instruction about how to get started with renting our your property, create a list of things to prepare for moving day, or share lists of services you need to inform when moving house. Another clever tip is to make a checklist PDF as a downloadable resource for customers that includes your contact details and branding. This will remind them that your agency is out there and ready to offer a professional service.

4. Embrace Other Property Marketing Topics

Your posts needn’t be just about topics restricted to estate agents. While writing about buying and selling homes is an obvious part of your marketing strategy, it needn’t be the be-all and end-all. You can embrace other areas of the real estate market too. Remember that those who are keen to buy or sell property could be turning to Google to search for related services like mortgage brokers, conveyancing solicitors or surveyors. Websites like yours can give this valuable audience the quality information that they need. By supplying details about how to get a mortgage, why and when to use a surveyor, or advising about how to hire a solicitor you can continue the process of establishing your firm of estate agents as a leading authority about all aspects of the property industry while also driving up your Google ranking.

5. Posts To Attract Purchasers

Prospective property purchasers, and particularly first-time buyers, are valuable clients for all estate agents, so coming up with posts that will appeal to them is key. The property purchasing process can be complicated and confusing, especially for those going through it for the first time, so you have a brilliant opportunity to use your website as a resource for them to turn to in their time of need. These types of clients regularly search Google for easy to understand advice about buying properties, and you can supply them with those details. Centre your posts around topics that get to the heart of the process for those who are uninitiated. Frequently Asked Questions, a beginner’s guide to legal jargon, or explanations of the differences between freehold and leasehold properties could be a great place to start. Consider the questions these clients might ask when coming into your office for the first time and then respond to them in a user-friendly way on your website.

6. Posts To Attract Sellers  

Those who are keen to make property sales want to know how to present their home in the best possible light. The posts on your page can supply them with this key knowledge. Use your marketing expertise in the field to tell them how the most successful listings are created. For example, offer advice about how to take good photos, how to stage a property, and which renovations may be worth considering. Again, consider questions that sellers regularly ask, then write posts to address those queries. This type of information will encourage them to make contact with you.

7. Posts To Engage With Users

Brands of all kinds have recognised that engagement with users on social media couldn’t be more important when marketing their company. With this in mind, writing posts that invite readers to offer their own input is key. It will boost your exposure and increase traffic to your web page and social media accounts. If you write about local visitor attractions or restaurants, ask for reader reviews, or why not share reviews and customer testimonials of your own agency? Evidence suggests that readers like to see companies as being staffed by real people, so you could also share engaging, fun and personal news from your office staff about their daily life at work. You can use data gleaned from polls on Twitter or Facebook as a basis for your blog post too.

8. Posts To Create A Buzz

We already know that getting a share or a like on social media is important for any business, so finding eye-catching ways to get your brand noticed and create an impact is essential. Every now and then, adding an exciting news story to blogs gets websites like yours more traffic, so occasionally give people the thrill they’re looking for by commenting on celebrities moving to the area or bringing them the latest news and reviews about the most up to date listings of expensive properties under development nearby – preferably with photos to accompany it.

9. Creating Traffic With Your Blog

When writing any posts for your blog, whether trying to attract tenants, sellers or purchasers, your primary aim should be to increase your websites traffic. That means you need to have ideas that aren’t just interesting but that are also unique – after all, you need people to want to share your content. Using an eye-catching infographic could be a good idea, or why not commission a property expert or famous celebrity within the industry to write a piece for you?

10. Writing A Newsletter

A newsletter is another useful tool in your content marketing armoury. While blog posts are essential, you shouldn’t overlook the potential of a branded newsletter sent out to those who have already been in contact with your agency and who have already shown an interest in your properties. A well-written newsletter can include a range of content that could be valuable to potential clients, such as a list of this month’s most popular local areas for movers, a graphic revealing statistics about the local housing market or an in-depth area guide to one of the suburbs, towns or villages that your agency covers.

These are just 10 of our blog ideas for estate agencies, but you can find out more about how we can help you to increase your client base by registering with us here. Why not check out our e-guides too, you can effectively extend your reach and drive traffic to your site.

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