10 Engaging Content Ideas for Estate Agents and Lettings Agents to Guarantee Engagement

10 Engaging Content Ideas for Estate Agents and Lettings Agents to Guarantee Engagement

The comment I hear most often during my daily calls with estate agents and lettings agents is the issue of overcoming exactly what to create content about.

  • What topics should I cover?
  • Should my content be formal or informal?
  • How much should I write?
  • How often should I post?

I get it. It can be overwhelming working out the what’s, when’s, how’s and why’s. That’s why I see so many estate agents randomly posting content that isn’t always relevant, isn’t engaging and isn’t going to do the job they expect it to!

That is of course, to drive more good quality leads.

There is a need for estate agents and lettings agents to be professional – but also to be fun, approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

These attributes must come across in every single blog post you create – but in the most subtle of ways.

There should be no me, me, me involved. The key is to be relevant, and subtle.

So, what should you write about?

Good question. To help you out, here are ten engaging content ideas that you can create content around today.

1. Latest Property Market Updates

e.g., Latest: What’s happening in the current UK property market?

The benefit: Shows you keep up with all the latest industry news.

2. Mortgage News

e.g., Are 95% mortgages a good move for first time buyers?

The benefit: Shows you are knowledgeable about services relating to your industry.

3. DIY Tips and Ideas

e.g., How to update your home on a budget

The benefit: Makes you appear helpful to homeowners and creates awareness of your brand ready for when owners are ready to become buyers and sellers.

4. Information for Landlords

e.g., 5 ways landlords can increase their rental yield

The benefit: Showcases your expertise in helping landlords get the most out of their investment. They perceive you as the agent who can help their portfolio grow.

5. Information for Tenants

e.g., 8 questions you must ask when viewing a rental property

The benefit: Prospective tenants will trust you and see you as an expert in your field and will seek to view your rental stock first.

6. Buying Tips

e.g., Do I need a homebuyer survey on my property?

The benefit: Homebuyers see you as an authority and will automatically expect to receive good honest advice from you, now and in the future.

7. Selling Tips

e.g., 7 Tips for a smooth house move with children

The benefit: Your authority and expertise is cemented with potential sellers and those already listed with other agents who have not yet sold. Those sellers are more likely to choose you as their agent, now or in the future.

8. Choosing an Estate Agent

e.g., Changing estate agents: how to choose wisely

The benefit: by offering subtle advice, indirectly and psychologically, you’re putting your agency under the nose of potential clients who may already be thinking of marketing their property or switching agents, while remaining impartial. No hard sell!

9. Your Local Area

e.g., In-depth local area guides detailing schools, local attractions, transport links, history and overview of the area, property prices etc

The benefit: help home movers looking to relocate to your area. Look knowledgeable, be an authority, provide relevant useful information and help your Google ranking, all at once!

10. Seasonal Information

e.g., Keep your garden looking great this spring

The benefit: While evergreen content is fantastic as it continues to help you build traction month on month, year on year, throw in some seasonal content and you will hammer home the fact that you are an agency on the ball offering helpful, fresh, super-relevant content continuously.

In addition you can:

  • Share local community stories
  • Choose one property to feature each week
  • Create a blog post around celebrity property gossip!

By creating content around topics exactly like these, you’ll be posting relevant, interesting information which will actually be of interest to your target audience.

Not a pie chart, list of your awards or employee of the week piece in sight!

Oh, and you might be interested to know that every single one of those content ideas I’ve listed here (along with hundreds of others), are available, ready written for you on subscription here

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