10 Reasons You Should be Posting on Your Blog Every Week

An unloved blog page is a very sad thing.

It gives the impression that you have started something that you can’t be bothered to carry on with. That you just don’t care enough about your agency and your clients to keep them up to date with the latest news or offer them advice and information on property and home related matters.

It’s just a blog post you might think. But actually, it’s not. Regular blog posts can be the successful foundations of your entire content marketing strategy.

So, why is it so important to publish a new blog post every week? Well, there are plenty of reasons – but here are my top 10!

1. You’ll be seen as an expert. Answering your clients’ (and potential clients’) questions about the property market, moving home and related topics shows that you are the expert in your industry and can help them. Buying and selling can be a daunting prospect, and many home movers want to use an agent that they know will look after them.

2. You’ll promote your brand. Regular blog posts increase the brand awareness of your agency. Readers who have never heard of your agency before will see your blog posts and, even if they are not thinking about moving quite yet, you’ll slip into their subconscious. Remember, this is the long game, and when that person does decide to move, you’ll want to make sure that it is your agency that springs to mind. Great visibility and brand awareness does just that.

3. People like to know, like and trust. One of the best ways to win an instruction is by building rapport with the seller. You might assume that this only happens when you are out at a valuation and you meet the vendor for the first time. But that’s not true! Imagine being able to build rapport before you have even met? By reading your regular, topical blog posts, the vendor will feel as if they already know you, like you and can trust you by the time they call you, and so they are more likely to book a valuation with you. 

4. You’ll help your personal brand. You become the voice and face of your brand, and as we know, “people buy from people”. It makes you relatable and shows that there is a real person behind the company name. This is one of the reasons that independent agents can win against big corporate agencies. It is also why some of the corporates started putting their valuer’s faces on business cards in an attempt to put across a personal touch.

5. Blog snippets make great social media content. Like most agents, I’m sure you probably spend hours trying to think about what you should post on your social media. It can be hard to think of what to post and to get the mix right. Also, if you only post new instructions and sold properties, your news feed starts to look like a mini-portal. It’s all sell, sell, sell and your engagement will drop. Breaking your feed up with informative and engaging snippets each week keeps things fresh and current and it gives your followers something interesting to read and engage with.

6. Your website stays fresh. Regular blog posts keep your website up to date and looking fresh. With new information added every week, visitors will have a reason to look for and stay on your website and take a look around.

7. You can rocket your search engine reach. Regularly updated websites are preferred by Google for search engine optimisation (SEO), so make sure your blog posts contain relevant keywords for your target audience and Google will love your content and improve your ranking.

8. Your quality score will increase. Following on from your SEO, your quality score is the score that Google gives to your website based on the customer experience when they visit. If a visitor leaves very quickly after clicking on your site (known as a bounce) Google will start to reduce the score. As it will usually take a few minutes to read a blog post, your bounce rate will reduce because your reader is staying on the site for a long time, and your score will improve.

9. Consistency is key. As we’ve established, there is nothing sadder than a blog page that hasn’t been updated for six months! It looks as if you have started with the right idea and then got bored. Sellers may even get the impression that you will do the same with their property. Keep things updated regularly and be consistent to give the right impression.

10. It’s an opportunity to get PR and local press coverage. Your blog posts could get you PR or local press coverage as you become the ‘go-to’ agent in your area. Your local press is always be looking for new stories to run and ways to fill their pages, and we all know how much the public love to talk about the housing market. It’s possible to have a guest spot, or maybe even a regular column!

So, make sure that you are maximising the engagement on your website and social media pages with informative blog posts every single week and you can watch your market share increase!

How often do you post on your blog?

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