10 Topic Ideas for Your Estate Agent Blog

Having a real estate blog is essential if you want your estate agent business to be a success. However, coming up with blog ideas can present a challenge. Your first few blog posts may be a breeze to write but blogging ideas can become thin on the ground over time.

When you write a blog, it isn’t enough to just publish the occasional blog post and hope for the best. To create a following of potential clients and raise the brand profile of your estate agency business, you need to know how to maximise the potential of your real estate blog, and that means publishing quality content on at least a weekly basis so that you can attract a wider audience and get your business name known in your local area. It’s no wonder that it can be hard to generate more blog ideas once you’ve been writing a real estate blog for a few months!

The good news is that we can give you some of our great blog post ideas for estate agents to help keep your real estate blog running. Designed to appeal to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords alike, these blog post ideas should give you plenty of inspiration for the long term.

So, read our top 10 list, and discover how to unlock the full potential of your local UK real estate market with expert blog writing!

1. Estate Agents Local Area Guides

Some of the best ideas for real estate blog posts involve creating local area guides. Created to target potential buyers who are keen to relocate to the areas that your estate agency covers, these blog posts can be a valuable resource for those who are carrying out research about the communities that appeal to them most and are a great free marketing tool for real estate agents in all parts of the UK.

These blog posts can offer an in-depth insight into the local housing market, with helpful details about the best local schools, restaurants, attractions, shops, transport links and the types of local properties available so that potential buyers or renters can learn all they need to know to make a well-informed decision about where to relocate.

2. Real Estate Blog Posts Of Handy Checklists

Some of the best ideas for estate agents looking for engaging and interesting blog posts for their real estate blog involve creating checklists. Many people searching online for information on real estate topics seek quick and simple answers to their questions, and the checklist format is the ideal content solution. Presenting information in a user-friendly way, these blog posts can be written on an enormous range of topics and are a great way to attract buyers and sellers to your estate agency blog.

As an estate agent, you’re perfectly placed to share your expertise and knowledge of the housing market and the process that buyers and sellers must go through when purchasing or selling a house. When prospective sellers and buyers go online to search for the details they want to know, you want your blog on your estate agency website to be the first place that they turn for advice.

Some examples of possible checklist blog post ideas include:

  • How to hire a conveyancing solicitor.
  • A sellers guide to the process of listing your house on the property market.
  • The essential moving day checklist.
  • A first time buyer’s checklist of things to ask an estate agent.

When you write real estate blog posts on topics like these, you’ll be offering a lot of value to readers, supplying them with the knowledge they require. Even better, when they go online to find the answers to these questions, your article will appear in the search engine listings, establishing your real estate agency brand as an authority in its field. This serves the dual purpose of getting your agency noticed and building up trust with your readers so that when they’re ready to choose the right estate agent to sell their house or from whom to buy a property, your business will be at the forefront of their minds.

3. Updating On Local Events

When you’re looking for inspiration for real estate blog posts, you should look no further than your local community. As local estate agents, you need to show your knowledge about the neighbourhoods you cover, and what better way to do this than by updating your readers about local events hosted by the council, schools, local restaurants or neighbourhood businesses. For example, upcoming festivals in the neighbourhood, seasonal celebrations, or visits by celebrities to the area. You can easily provide a link to these events on your real estate website.

All real estate agents need to be viewed as experts in their local market, which is why blog post ideas like these work so well as handy marketing tools. As a bonus, these are the kind of blog posts that regularly get shared on social media platforms by people within the local community who are interested in attending these upcoming events, and this gives your estate agency brand even more free publicity – a key aim of blogging!

4. Property Advice For Prospective Buyers

Any real estate blog should contain plenty of quality blog posts offering advice and information aimed at buyers, especially first-time buyers who will undoubtedly have a host of questions about the process. Buying a property can be a nerve-wracking time, so it isn’t too surprising that many readers will be heading online to search for resources and content that answers their questions.

When you write blog posts like these, use a personal, friendly and informative tone to target buyers who have worries and concerns about the process and want reassurance. By establishing your firm of real estate agents as a true authority in the field who can simplify their journey towards buying a house, you can reassure your readers that purchasing properties needn’t be as frightening as they anticipated.

An example of some of the topics for blog posts related to buying a house include:

  • What to look for when viewing a property.
  • What is a new-build snagging list?
  • Tired of renting? Considering becoming home owners? Take these first steps.
  • What price house can I afford?

Blog posts on topics like these represent valuable resources when it comes to generating more free marketing leads to your estate agency website and effectively target prospective clients who require informative home buying advice, especially those who are new to the property market and are seeking blogs that will guide them on their journey from renting to home ownership.

5. Property Advice For Sellers

Any real estate blog shouldn’t only contain posts aimed at buyers, but should also have plenty of blog ideas to target readers who are selling properties too. Whether prospective clients are keen to sell a property for the first time or whether they’re selling a property for the hundredth time, it’s still key to target them with your blogging efforts, and e-guides can be a useful resource.

Just like when you write blogs for prospective clients who are ready to buy, you should use a friendly, personal tone in every article you create. There are numerous real estate blog ideas that are perfect for aiming at prospective clients who want to sell properties. By writing blogs around these topics, you can attract more traffic to your estate agents business website. While some of those readers may not be based in the local neighbourhoods that you cover and, therefore, may not be in the running to become clients of your agency, they can still represent a valuable free marketing resource as they may share your blogs on social media with their friends and family members and, thus, give your brand’s reputation a vital boost. Others will live in the local neighbourhood that you do cover and may be convinced by your posts to add their property to your selling listings.

If you’re looking for an example of some blogs topics that could be aimed at clients who are selling properties, here are some helpful blogging post suggestions:

  • A guide to property listings.
  • Want to sell your home? Make these 5 improvements now.
  • Boost your chances of selling with these top tips for market listings photos.
  • All you need to know about staging properties to sell on the market.
  • What asking price would be reasonable for my home?

When you write posts like these, you establish your brand as a true real estate authority in your area and maximise your marketing opportunities to win listings for more properties.

6. Spotlighting Neighborhood Businesses

When you write a real estate blog, it can be tempting only to cover issues such as local housing trends in the surrounding property market or focus your website on topics related to buying and selling. However, when it comes to generating leads, there is another type of blog article that can offer a lot of value. Posts that spotlight local businesses can double the power of your blogging efforts. But how?

When you create posts that highlight and link to a local business, such as the best local shops, restaurants, attractions and bars, you aren’t just giving your readers interesting information about the area in which they’re keen to buy or sell a home. You’re also getting yourself more free marketing value via social media platforms. Usually, when you create a post that mentions local businesses in a positive light, they will link back to your post from their own website, thus expanding your marketing reach without you having to spend an extra penny. Make sure to add photos to make these posts even more personal and engaging.

7. Posts About Real Estate Related Topics

When you’re looking for inspirational ideas for a blog post, don’t be afraid to look outside the world of property market trends for content material. Yes, as an estate agent, your primary business is all about selling, buying or renting a home, but your target audience is also interested in other topics that are related to their home, for example, tips about obtaining mortgages, getting a good price from a home removal company, or hiring a surveyor. Some examples of titles you may be interested in writing about include:

  • Do mortgage brokers offer the best mortgages?
  • Should I hire a professional photographer to take staging photos of my home when I want to sell?
  • Will I need a storage unit for my move?
  • What do property surveyors do, and do I need one when I buy a home?
  • What price should I expect to pay for a home removal company?
  • Top tips for hiring a conveyancer.

Any post on these kinds of subjects will offer valuable information to those ready to consider moving home.

8. Home And Garden Maintenance And Improvements Tips

Although as estate agents, your main focus is on the property market and buying, selling or renting a home, that doesn’t mean you can’t target the many people looking for advice and information about maintaining and improving their home or garden too. Remember that many of those keen to improve their home are doing so because they’re thinking about a sale, so offering them helpful tips on your website will help keep your brand fresh in their minds when the time comes to list their property on the market.

An example of tips you could offer include:

  • The top 10 home improvements you should consider today.
  • 5 ways to give your garden an overhaul.
  • How to redecorate your home on a budget.

9. Real Estate And Mortgage News

You can attract more readers to your blog by writing posts that include the latest mortgage and real estate industry news. Perhaps there has been a recent development in the sector, such as a rise in the interest rates that could affect those who are keen to take out a new mortgage, or maybe the government has made a policy change such as a change in the laws surrounding real estate taxes or stamp duty or perhaps there is new information regarding land search criteria. Topics like these help to raise the profile of your brand.

10. Interview Professionals In Your Local Community

Another example of interesting content to include in your blog is an interview with professionals within your community. These could include an interview with members of your staff team, with local solicitors and conveyancers, surveyors and mortgage brokers to give greater insights into the process of purchasing or selling a home. This type of content will appeal to a wide range of readers and will help establish your company as an authority within the property industry.

So, there you have it – our top 10 ideas for blog posts for estate agents. You can find out more about how personalised content for your brand can make an enormous difference to your estate agency business by clicking here.

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