Content Matters: Why do I Need a Blog Page on my Website?

Why do I Need a Blog Page on my Website?

Watch the video: “Why do I need a blog page on my website?” is a question I get asked all the time, mainly because content creation doesn’t come naturally to most business owners, so they have a real need to know whether consistently publishing blog content is really worth their time and effort.

In this video, I’ll explain why your blog is a pivotal part of your overall content marketing strategy and can help you keep a steady stream of organic leads flowing to your website.

3 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agencies


As a savvy estate agent, you will already know that content marketing is a super important long-term strategy for increasing your estate agency’s reach, exposure and of course attracting new clients organically. All you’ve got to do is post a few short articles on your news or blog page and you’ll be attracting leads quicker than you can shout ‘house’…right?

Content Matters: How to Write a Blog Post


Watch the video: Writing a blog post can be daunting! It’s hard to know where to start, how many words to write, what you should actually include in your post. So to help you get started here are the seven elements you need to keep in mind when you learn how to write a blog post.

Estate Agents: How long should a blog post be?

How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

As an estate agent, you know you need to get some decent blog content published on your website! You may even have done some research recently and decided on some subject matter. You may even have sat, poised over your keyboard ready, but unable to make a start.

How many words do I need to write?
How long is this going to take me?

Content Matters: Why You Should Repurpose Your Blog Content

Why You Should Repurpose Your Blog Content

Watch the video: If you write your own blog posts you’ll know that it’s not really a task which can be completed in 10 minutes. You need to decide on a topic, do your research, fire up your creative juices, write your piece, edit it and upload it, and this can quite easily take hours out of your day. But, your business will really benefit from blogging, it’s an incredible marketing strategy, so, here’s a tip for you…

3 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Blog Regularly

3 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Blog Regularly

I read somewhere, at some point in my life, that the average blog has the lifespan of a fruit fly! I have no idea where I read that delightful snippet, but I do know that I googled how long a fruit fly lives for and this random fact has stuck in my head ever since. A fruit fly only lives for between…

Estate Agents: Why Industry Data Won’t Help You Win Clients


Having bought and sold six properties over the past 28 years, I would deem myself pretty much on the ball when it comes to viewing houses.

Like most active home buyers, when in the market for a new property, I search online first, have a good old mooch through the property listings and scroll through the images and floorplans before I bother turning my attention to the full descriptions.