Is Content Marketing Dead for Estate Agents?

Is content marketing dead for estate agents

Years ago, people on the ‘t’internet’ (as Peter Kay would say!) concluded that blogging had died a death. Fortunately, or unfortunately for them, that conclusion didn’t withstand the test of time. Actually, blogging has only grown in popularity since then, but its purpose has drastically changed from being something only students do while travelling the

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing for Estate Agents

Advantages & Disadvantages of Content Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that content marketing is a hot trend. As an estate agent, starting, and maintaining, your property blog is one of the best content marketing strategies you’ll come across. By creating and sharing one or two articles a week, you can generate more high-quality leads, grow your

Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Tools for UK Estate Agents

Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Tools for UK Estate Agents

Are you looking for more resources and tools to market your estate agency? While advertising your business physically (by having a high-street presence and distributing local flyers) tends to stay the same, online marketing for estate agents is constantly changing. To stay ahead of the game, you need the best resources and tools to help

6 Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022: How to Win New Instructions

Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022

Marketing is very nearly an estate agents’ entire job. Selling properties, building relationships, and winning new instructions is all a form of marketing – and it’s your day-to-day business! But everyone gets stumped for ideas occasionally – especially when it comes to online marketing and knowing how to promote your services on the web to