3 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agencies


As a savvy estate agent, you will already know that content marketing is a super important long-term strategy for increasing your estate agency’s reach, exposure and of course attracting new clients organically.

All you’ve got to do is post a few short articles on your news or blog page and you’ll be attracting leads quicker than you can shout ‘house’…right?

Well, you are more than welcome to try this approach if you want to, and there’s no denying, you may pick up a few leads here and there, but you won’t consistently drive your exact target market to your website and have them eating right out of your hand.

I will be the first to applaud you if you are already posting relevant content to your news or blog page, as this is music to my ears and means you’ve definitely got the right strategy in place.

But, if you’re simply adding random ‘content for content’s sake’ then that is not a strategy, you’re wasting your time and rather than making sweet music, you might as well be playing a rusty saw. In fact, you’d be better off not posting content at all.

If you want to become the estate agent in your area that every home mover wants to buy or sell a home with, you’ll need to start caring about the content you post. And that starts with understanding the needs of your audience.

Find out what your audience wants

So, what should you be talking to your target audience about? This is simple to answer. Just talk about what interests them. I don’t mean you need to spend hours surveying clients, collating content ideas and having endless chats, this would be hugely time-consuming and incredibly stupid, because as an authority figure in the estate agency industry, you already know what your target audiences’ main interest is.

Of course, it’s their home. So, start by creating content on this subject matter. Write about hot property topics, property-related content and market relevant subjects.

Keep your content strategy consistent

Once you realise you need to keep your blog posts and news articles highly niche, delivering that relevant information consistently is vital to your overall content marketing strategy.

Consistent, relevant blog posts promote not only your expertise, but will also help your agency be associated with reliability, knowledge, helpfulness and authority, and guess what? All of these attributes help promote your brand.

What you must understand is that a content marketing strategy takes time to grow and to bear fruit. Not just for estate agencies, but for any business. It’s not a magic bullet, it’s a slow burner, it’s long-term. But the more visible you become by consistency, the more engaged your target audience will be and the more awareness they will have of your agency when the time comes, and your service is required by them.  

Typically, you’ll need to deliver consistent, quality content on at least a weekly basis for a minimum of 12 months to build a solid, organic following and to start seeing a vast improvement in organic leads. That’s why consistency is key.

Once you know what information your audience is looking for, how often they want it and why you must provide it, here’s that third important tip.

Have the resources to remain consistent

Whilst you may be super keen to deliver consistent, premium blog content to your target audience and are raring to go, the reality is that it’s a lot to take on.

You must ensure you have the ongoing resources to be able to step up to the plate each and every week without fail and deliver the type of quality content your audience will start to expect once you’ve been posting for a few weeks.

If you stray off schedule or don’t deliver at all, you’ll see the loyalty and awareness you’ve nurtured drop off quicker than you can say ‘sold’ and if you leave it too long before getting back into a routine, you’ll need to start again from scratch.

So, you’ll need to set aside time every month to decide on your content, generate that content and make sure it’s posted. You cannot afford to settle for half measures as it won’t bring you the results you deserve.

As an independent estate agent, you have a massive opportunity through content marketing to become the leading agency voice in your area – why would you ever want to pass up an opportunity that can deliver new leads directly to you?

So, I’ll leave you with this thought: Make the commitment…and do it properly!

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