3 Reasons Why a Blog Can Help You Recruit Estate Agents

3 Reasons Why a Blog Can Help You Recruit Estate Agents

For estate agents, having a blog provides countless opportunities for success.

It’s common knowledge that a blog can grow web traffic and win your agency new instructions.

But did you know that it can also help you recruit great estate agency staff?

In this article, we’ll explain why a blog can help you recruit estate agents and share our tips on how you can start a blog today.

How Can a Blog Help Estate Agents With Recruitment?

At Content For Estate Agents, we’ve been blogging for a while! We’ve learned a trick or two about how to run a successful blog – and what it can do for your business. When it comes to recruiting staff for your agency, here’s what we’ve learned about how a blog can help.

1.   It Shows You Are a Modern Agency

Blogging has been around for a while now, but it’s still considered a modern marketing tactic for estate agents.

By having a regularly updated blog, you’re showing your clients and future recruits that you’re a modern agency and are up to speed with the latest marketing techniques.

2.   Adds Credibility to Your Expertise

By nature, most estate agents are driven and motivated people. That usually means they want to be the best and work for the best.

Most agencies blog to show potential customers they are experts in the property industry. By sharing buying, selling and landlord-related advice, you can nurture your audience and generate new leads (up to 67% more than companies that don’t blog, in fact[1]).

But blogging doesn’t just show potential clients that you’re an expert. It shows job seekers that you know your stuff, too – making your agency more attractive.

3.   Keywords Can Attract Job Seekers

Running a recruitment campaign is one of the best ways to scout for new talent.

You can use social media, job portals and specialist recruitment agencies to spread the word that you’re hiring. But did you know you can use your blog, too?

Using specific, estate agent career-related keywords, you can help other estate agents on the hunt for a new job find out about your agency and its opportunities. This works particularly well if you offer a niche position.

How to Start an Estate Agent Blog

One of the most difficult things about blogging is knowing where to begin.

Setting up a blog can take time (especially if you’re going it alone). But the investment can be well worth it long-term.

If you want to start a blog for your agency, here’s what we recommend doing first: 

  • Speak to an expert about your content needs (we offer a free 15-minute discovery call)
  • Learn about search engine optimisation (also known as SEO)
  • Learn about call-to-actions
  • Learn about how to create accessible and mobile-friendly content
  • Decide your blogging frequency
  • Understand your target audience
  • Find your keywords
  • Write expert content that readers find helpful

To get you started, here are several blogging guides we’ve put together for estate agents:

Need Help Getting Started?

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At Content For Estate Agents, we specialise in providing high-quality blog content – so you don’t have to! Our expert UK based writers know how to create engaging articles that can drive traffic and help your estate agency find new leads.

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[1] https://trafficgenerationcafe.com/how-blogging-increases-lead-generation/

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