3 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Blog Regularly

3 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Blog Regularly

I read somewhere, at some point in my life, that the average blog has the lifespan of a fruit fly! I have no idea where I read that delightful snippet, but I do know that I googled how long a fruit fly lives for and this random fact has stuck in my head ever since.

A fruit fly only lives for between 40 and 50 days! That’s a very short lifespan – both for a fruit fly, and a blog!

I know that many individuals and businesses (and you may well be one of these) start a blog for exactly the right reasons, and that is because you know a blog is an important marketing tool for driving organic traffic to your website. Writing on topics related to your industry with authority showcases your knowledge, your confidence, your expertise.

It says look at me, I know my stuff – now let me help you…

That’s why you decide to do it. Because deep down you know that it’s a fairly inexpensive strategy that will actually work, long term for your business.

So, you vow to update your blog once per week, in fact you are excited about sitting down and allowing your creative juices to flow.

But here’s what happens. After 5, 6 or 7 weeks (if you’re lucky) your enthusiasm starts to dwindle due to time factors, creative factors…but mostly ‘can’t be bothered’ factors, until before you know it, your blog is a distant memory, gathering dust and has lost any momentum and traction it gained in those first few, positive weeks.

I’m sure this sounds a familiar scenario to you.

The thing is, you might think it doesn’t matter that you are not regularly adding new blog posts anymore. You’ve got two or three posts up there looking pretty, so you haven’t actually got an empty page showing, so it’s all good right?

Well, no actually.

First, let’s look at it from the point of view of your website content. Unfortunately, from a consumers’ point of view, there’s nothing worse than reaching a website and discovering out of date, sparse, neglected and unloved pages. It doesn’t signal a professional message. Yet, there are thousands of these poor unloved blogs out there, abandoned and lonely, and any savvy consumer will question why your website is not ‘current’.

Secondly, let’s look at it from a content marketing point of view. In other words, if you are utilizing your blog to drive more traffic to your website. This works only if you publish regular, engaging, relevant content that stands out in Google searches and is picked up by your target audience. Your audience then follows your trail of enticing little content breadcrumbs, straight to your website. But…

If you’re not throwing down the breadcrumbs, there is no trail for your hungry crowd to follow.

No content = no audience = no traffic = no customers.

You may be surprised to learn that current industry standards suggest that to get the most out of blogs for business, you should be posting content twice per week. I don’t deny, that’s a lot and I totally appreciate that as a busy business owner, you don’t have endless spare time to dedicate to researching, writing, editing and uploading two pieces of content every week.

BUT for real engagement, traction and to become the go-to expert in your industry and location it is an absolutely essential requirement, so it is a task that you must start seriously considering.

Personally, I like to upload a new blog post and a new video each week – this means I’m posting at least 8 pieces of relevant content every month. It’s one of my most important weekly tasks, and whatever happens, I make sure I get it done.

And you should too. So, here are my top three most vital reasons why you should regularly update your blog page:

Blogging helps make you an authority. You can’t become an authority overnight! You will only become an authority by producing regular, quality content that actually benefits your readers, post after post after post. As you build up a vault of good content you will also build up a vault of interested prospects who will eventually become customers. Constantly adding content will help you create the trust you need in order to rise to the top of your industry.

Google loves fresh content. Search engines adore new content for a variety of reasons. Consistent updates mean your site will be crawled and indexed on a regular basis. This means that when Google sees your content is fresh it will keep coming back and your content will be displayed. Likewise, visitors who become regular readers will always find new content and will spend longer amounts of time on your page. This again is in your favour as Google likes to see visitors lingering, rather than showing up for 10 seconds and then leaving. So, original, fresh content helps take of this in one fell swoop. Don’t forget, you can also repurpose your blog content and use it as if it’s brand new on social media too – very savvy.

There is no loyalty online unless you’re on top of your game. Attention spans are poor! You simply cannot start to build a following and then offer nothing but radio silence for a few months, expecting to pick up right where you left off. You’ll have to start again – from scratch. Consistency is key.

In a nutshell, the more frequently you post, the more traffic you will garner. So, it’s worth getting organised, creating decent content (or outsourcing the task to a professional) and ensuring your blog becomes a useful resource for your target audience.

Blog consistently, and you will reap the rewards.

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