4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

If you’re not practising content marketing for your estate agency in 2022, you’re missing a trick!

One of the best lead generation strategies around is content marketing.

But a good strategy requires good ideas. Unfortunately, knowing where to start with content marketing (or how to raise your game if you’ve been doing it for a while) can be tricky.

If you’re running out of content marketing ideas for your estate agency, here are four excellent ideas for 2022 that can help level up your success.

1. Create Keyword-Researched Blog Content

Blog content is one of the most powerful ways to master content marketing.

As an estate agent, you could create blog content that provides:

  • Buying advice
  • Guidance on selling a property
  • Tips for landlords
  • Home and garden improvement ideas
  • and so much more!

The trick to success with your blog is making sure you create articles about things people want to know.

Understanding these topics is known as keyword research. This practice can help you master content marketing and create a successful blog that regularly brings in new leads.

Pro tip: If you’re already publishing fresh content on your blog every month, try increasing your blogging frequency to once or twice a week to boost your chances of success.

2. Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media

If you’re creating keyword-researched blog content, you can be confident that the topics are things your followers want to read about.

Using the information from your articles, you can:

  • Create infographics for Instagram
  • Create videos, stories or reels using the advice
  • Post tips on Twitter or Facebook
3. Create Newsletters

Newsletters often fill estate agents with a sense of dread!

Knowing what to send out to your database every week or month can be exhausting. But having an email list is one of the best ways to generate new leads!

The key to winning instructions from your subscribers is nurturing them over time. 

To do this, send information like:

  • Helpful ‘how-to’ guides (that link to your blog)
  • Latest property news
  • Community events
  • Open houses or new listings
  • Testimonials from previous clients

Pro tip: Make sure you’re categorising your subscribers so you only send information that’s helpful to them. For example, ask them if they’re interested in landlord, buying or selling advice when they subscribe and tailor your newsletter accordingly. Better yet, send three different newsletters!

4. Offer Freebie E-Guides

A newsletter can easily help you win new instructions.

But gaining subscribers isn’t always easy. Unless a buyer is registering their details with you, it can be hard to get an email address from someone browsing the internet.

Top marketers often offer what’s called a ‘lead magnet’ to generate more subscribers. For estate agents, this could mean sending a landlord or vendor a free e-guide when they subscribe to your newsletter.

Offering these freebies in your content is an excellent way to find new leads and win more instructions.

How to Practice Content Marketing

With these tips, you can start content marketing the right way and boost your lead generation success in 2022.

If you need help getting started with content marketing, here are some resources you may find helpful:

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