4 Fears Sellers Have About Estate Agents – and How to Use Your Website to Squash Them

4 Fears Sellers Have About Estate Agents – and How to Use Your Website to Squash Them

Choosing to sell a home is a huge decision. For many people, their home is their biggest financial asset. Putting that asset in the hands of someone else takes trust. It’s only natural that sellers are fearful about choosing the right estate agent for the job.

Using your website in the right way can help alleviate doubts in the minds of potential leads. Here are four of the biggest fears’ sellers have about estate agents and how to squash them using your website.

Fear #1: You don’t have their best interests at heart

A huge fear that sellers have about estate agents is that you care more about the commission than them. A welcoming storefront with courteous staff can help alleviate this concern in a heartbeat. But these human connections are not so readily available to online visitors.

A great way of showing you care virtually is by utilising your ‘about us’ information. A designated area or a snippet on your homepage about who you are will show people the face behind the brand. Write about why you started the business and tell people what you’re passionate about. The more genuine you are, the more likely they are to trust you.

Fear #2: You don’t know what you’re doing

Sellers want to be confident that you are a professional who can find the right buyer for the best price. Before working with you, they may fear that you are not the expert you claim to be.

A great way to prove yourself online is to add social proof to your website. Testimonials on your homepage that lead to a ‘success story’ page can leave a long-lasting impression. If you have reviews on an external site (like Trustpilot) consider linking to your company review page. You should also keep your blog up to date with high-quality content that people find valuable. This will attract new visitors and prove to potential leads that you are an expert in selling homes.

Fear #3: You’re not trustworthy

Many sellers fear that estate agents can’t be trusted. There are lots of ways to build trust face to face. But with more people looking online for a good estate agent, you need to be able to win clients with your online presence.

A great way of adding the human element to your website is by creating a ‘meet the team’ section. Tell them that your team are there to listen and create a stress-free sale. Add photos and ask your team to write something about themselves. This can build trust and make potential leads feel like they know you before they’ve even met you.

Fear #4: You aren’t familiar with the local area

When you sell a home, you sell a lifestyle. Buyers want to know everything about the location because they are deciding if they should start their new life there. Sellers want to be sure that you know their area well enough to sell this dream.

A great way to demonstrate your knowledge is by having local area guides on your website. Even though they are usually targeted at buyers, they can also provide the much needed reassurance to potential sellers.

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