4 Reasons Estate Agents Should Have Local Area Guides on Their Website

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Choosing somewhere to live is a huge decision. Whether you’re a buyer, tenant, or landlord, you want the scoop on everything there is to know about an area before committing. As an estate agent, local area guides are a powerful addition to your website. Here are four reasons why we know this is true.

1. Builds trust with sellers

An important part of a seller choosing you as their estate agent is that they trust you. This trust is built in many ways. But an important deciding factor is believing that you know the location well. A comprehensive local area guide on your website can help build this trust with sellers and convince them that you are the best person to sell their home. It could even be the deciding factor for choosing you over a competitor.

2. Entices buyers and tenants

One of the most exciting parts of buying or renting a new home is the idea of living in a completely new location – with different restaurants, shopping centres and local amenities to explore. But the process of researching a new location every time you view a home can be overwhelming (and very distracting!).

Having a local area guide on your estate agent website can entice customers and make their life easier. When they view a home virtually, an area guide lets them scope out what’s nearby in a few simple clicks. Plus, it keeps them on your website!

3. Creates a reference point for staff

Estate agents are always chatting to buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords about what an area is like to live in. The location is often one of the biggest selling points of a home. That’s why it’s so important for staff to know the local area inside out.

Even though good estate agents will, of course, already have this information in their heads, guides on your website can act as a reference point for staff. It creates something to signpost clients to, whether people are viewing a house or just popping into your branch for a chat. Staff can encourage people to check out your online guides to find out more. Plus, having this available can help prove your professionalism and integrity as an agency.

4. Drives traffic to your site

Every single page of your website has the potential to drive traffic. Whether it’s a blog post, listing, review page or an ‘about us’ page. Local area guides are no different.

With the way that search engines work, anyone browsing locations on the web could find your local area guide. If you use search engine optimisation to its full potential on your website, you could see a boost in traffic by having these guides available to visitors.

How to get local area guides

We all know that running an estate agent business can be busy. That’s why we write high-quality, well-researched branded local area guides that you can upload to your website in a matter of minutes. Visit our website to find out more about our estate agent content services and how we can save you precious time.

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