4 Reasons Your Website is Driving Estate Agent Clients to Your Competitors – and How to Fix It

4 Reasons Your Website is Driving Estate Agent Clients to Your Competitors – and How to Fix It

Your website can be one of the best tools to gain new clients. If you use your platform correctly, you can boost your conversions and stop clients from choosing your competitors over you. But knowing what the issues are can be tricky to decipher. Here are four reasons why your website may be deterring clients – and how you can fix it.

1.    You don’t have any success stories

Sometimes the best marketing strategy is letting previous clients sell for you. When a potential lead visits your website, they want to know whether you can do what you say you can. If you are not showcasing your success stories and testimonials on your website, then you could be missing out on clients.

2.    It doesn’t look like you know the local area

It’s so important for buyers, sellers, and landlords to be confident that their estate agent knows the local area. But it’s especially important for buyers. If you don’t have a local area guide on your website that they can easily read, they may lose interest in the property or leave your site to find this information from your competitors’, instead of you. Adding local area guides to your website can keep people on your site and entice them to contact you.

3.    You have a stale blog (or no blog at all!)

Having high-quality content on your blog is one of the best ways to attract new people to your website. It’s also a great way of proving that you are an expert in the property industry that can be trusted. If your blog isn’t updated regularly or is lacking in valuable content, you may be losing clients. If you don’t have a blog at all, you could be missing out on opportunities to build trust – and lots of traffic!

4.    You don’t have a newsletter

Many people start looking for an estate agent long before they make the decision to sell their home. The same applies to buyers, renters, and landlords. They may not be ready to use your service yet, but they are looking online to scope out their options. That’s why it’s important to entice people to stay in touch with you. A newsletter is a great way of keeping in contact with clients that may use your service in the future. Plus, if you make the newsletter valuable by sending them tips from your blog, exclusive offers, or information about the services you provide, they may be more likely to contact you over your competitors when the time is right.

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