4 Social Media Post Ideas for Estate Agents Who Have Run Out of Creative Energy

4 Social Media Post Ideas for Estate Agents Who Have Run Out of Creative Energy

Social media is one of the most crucial marketing platforms for estate agents. But managing your accounts can quickly turn into a burden. Algorithms are constantly changing, and they keep demanding more and more content from you.

We know that constantly coming up with ideas is challenging. Plus, those ideas have to be both valuable and self-promotional but not egotistical. If you’re reading this because you’ve been staring blankly at your social media accounts for hours, then we have good news! Here are four social media post ideas for estate agents.

1. Meet the team

Adding the human element to your estate agency can go a long way in building trust with your social media followers. Nowadays, corporate posts do not attract attention. We are moving towards an age where people appreciate and value real and personal connections with local businesses.

Try letting your followers see the real faces behind the brand through a ‘meet the team’ series. Ask your staff to share what they are passionate about and why they like working for you. Your followers will get to see your human side and they will grow to trust and respect you more for it.

2. Tips from a blog post

Blog posts are instrumental in growing traffic and keeping people on your site. They are also perfect for showcasing your knowledge and expertise to people anywhere in the world. But one of the best things they can do for you is to provide you with endless content for your social media.

It’s possible to turn one blog post into seven different social media posts – and maybe even more. You can do this by splitting up the tips contained within a blog post and sharing them individually as a Tweet, a series of pictures on Instagram or a Facebook post. The tips will be valuable and can even help prove your expertise.

3. Checklists

Social media followers love checklists and ‘how to’ guides that teach them something. Use your blog posts or just the knowledge in your head to create screenshot-able images for your followers.

Not only will this show you as an expert in the property industry, but people will value your content. It will be helpful for them, and they’ll be more likely to hit the follow button after learning something new.

4. Success story of the week

When you have a happy customer or have been part of a heartfelt house move, ask your client if they are willing to be part of a social media post for you. You can grab a testimonial from them and tell their story through a series of pictures. Follower’s love reading success stories and it can help boost their trust in you.

However, sharing a successful home purchase or sale isn’t the only interesting topic. Since social media is all about showing your authenticity, why not share a successful story from a colleague? Even if it’s something small, like a member of your team passing an exam. This can inspire more personal connections between your estate agency and your followers. It can also show that you are proud of your team.

How we can help

Managing your social media accounts can be a full-time job on its own. High-quality blog posts can create an endless supply of valuable content for social media. We can help you spend less time brainstorming by providing interesting, well-written topics to populate your blog every week. Learn more about how it works.

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