5 Content Ideas for Your Estate Agency Blog or News Page


I speak with estate agency owners every day, and pretty much every one of you admits that you know exactly how important it is to regularly update your blog or news page.

You also admit that it’s so time-consuming, not only to produce but to constantly think of ideas for content, that you often push the task to the bottom of the pile. Some of you even confess to finding it a completely overwhelming and daunting job, and that’s just trying to think up new subject matter! The actual writing and editing are even harder for many of you to contemplate.

So, firstly, understand that you’re not alone, and this is not an issue confined to the estate agency industry. Many, many businesses fail to consistently publish new content to their pages after the first few enthusiastic posts because they run out of ideas.

So, let’s tackle this issue head-on. To help you, these are my five ‘go-to’ blog content ‘topic starters’ for when you’re a little bit stuck and need some inspiration.

1. Write a ‘How to..’ Post

Instruction manuals are boring, are usually written in 17 languages and almost always over-complicate things. This is the reason people don’t like reading them! Instead, most searchers generally figure out ‘how to do things’ by employing the wise words of Google (other search engines are available).

The internet is the encyclopedia of life – no-one knows how we ever managed without it previously – and is highly likely to be the first port of call for your target audience. So, use this to your advantage and tell your audience exactly how to do whatever it is they are looking to learn!

Example: How to get more viewings on your property

Example: How to update your home on a budget

Example: How to rent out your house

Cater to their lack of knowledge in your niche or industry and provide helpful answers that solve the problem they Googled in the first place.

2. Create an ‘Ultimate Guide to..’

Everyone has to start somewhere, and your target audience is likely to be searching for guides to help them do the very thing that you have expert knowledge about!

Example: The ultimate guide to moving home

Example: The ultimate guide to renovating a period property

Example: The ultimate guide to staging your home

Just like the ‘how to’ articles, Google is usually the first place people head to when looking for guidance, and you can provide exactly what they need through your blog or news page, cementing yourself as an expert in the process.

3. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

This is as easy as it sounds. Simply pick one question that your current clients ask regularly and write an entire article answering that question.

Questions are commonly Googled, so you’ll have a massive chance of appearing in the search results and thus attract people to your website via your news or blog page.

Example: What is the best time of year to sell my house?

Example: What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

Example: What is the minimum deposit for a mortgage?

In fact, answering relevant questions is a strategy that can also be used on your social media as you can keep posts short and super-informative.

4. Share Industry or Niche Relevant Tips

Home movers are always looking for ‘easy ways to do things’ or in other words, ‘tips’ or ‘hacks’ and this is where you can score really highly in the search results by using your blog or news page articles to reach your target audience.

Example: Pain-free packing tips

Example: Moving home stress-free

Example: Lighting tips to help sell your home

Cover these topics and you will provide valuable information directly to the very people who you would like to become your clients. You will appear helpful, knowledgeable and above all interested in connecting with people. Injecting some personality goes a long way!

5. Create Useful Lists

Your audience is busy and so will often scan read. By putting together your content as a list, you will allow them to digest information quickly.

Lists can be created about pretty much anything, as long as the topic is relevant to your target audience.

Example: 10 ways to prepare your property for viewings

Example: 10 ways to create a peaceful bedroom environment

Example: 7 easy ways to save a deposit for your first home

So, now you have some ideas, here’s the million-dollar question.

Can you awaken your creative juices, get them flowing and create some new content for your blog or news page?

I hope so and I look forward to seeing it published!

But just before I sign off…. here’s a thought…

All of the example ideas I have used above are available as on-demand, personalised ‘ready to post to your website’ articles here

Just Saying!

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