5 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

5 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

When it comes to content, more is more. Search engines love it and there’s never a shortage of prospective clients browsing new topics online. That’s why having a blog for your estate agency that’s fresh and full of high-quality information is so important. It can provide an endless supply of marketing material that helps you create a sales funnel.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating material – like blogs, social media posts or emails – and sharing these online.

The sole purpose of content marketing is to provide helpful, relevant and attractive information that people need. The trick is that while people are reading your content, they are subtly getting to know your brand and the services you provide. It’s a clever way of promoting your estate agency, without explicitly promoting it.

Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Here are five content marketing tips for estate agents that can maximise your potential to generate leads.

1. Re-Purpose Blog Content For Social Media

Social media is a free resource that anyone can use to market their business. For estate agents, social media marketing can boost followers and drive web traffic. If you’re running out of content ideas, repurpose your blog posts to create infographics or helpful tips. It can lead people to follow you, visit your website and ultimately become a client.

2. Run Content-Based Email Marketing Campaigns

We all want to keep our subscribers happy and engaged. If you have a goal in mind, a great tip is to run content-based email campaigns. For example, if you’re targeting prospective sellers to generate new leads, create a series of seller-focussed blog posts and distribute snippets of them via email. It’ll drive traffic to your site and lead to conversions.

3. Include Relevant Call to Actions

To create a sales funnel, make sure you’re using call to actions in every single blog post. These are statements (often found in the conclusion) that encourage the reader to do something, like get in touch with you or request a free valuation.

4. Learn About SEO

Another great content marketing tip for estate agents is to get yourself ranking high in Google search results. Learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and implement it consistently on your blog. Make sure you research relevant keywords in the estate agent field and write helpful content that drives traffic.

5. Create Fresh Blog Content Regularly

One of the top content marketing tips for estate agents is to keep your blog content fresh. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated and readers will stay interested if your topics are new. Plus, fresh blog content equates to an endless supply of marketing material. At a minimum, one new blog post every week should be the goal. But since more is more, don’t hold back!

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