5 SEO Tricks Estate Agents Should Use in Every Blog Post for Better Rankings

seo tricks for estate agents

As an estate agent, generating new leads is a critical part of your everyday practice.

The marketing goal that’s been racing to the top of agendas everywhere is higher web traffic. The power of an online audience is phenomenal in the property industry. That’s why more and more estate agents are learning how to write blog posts and use search engine optimisation (SEO) to achieve better rankings.

But writing compelling content for clients isn’t easy, let alone writing for search engines. To boost your chances of success, here are five SEO tricks estate agents need to do in every blog post for better rankings.

1.  Link internally

Every blog post you write should include hyperlinks to other posts on your site. This is known as ‘inbound linking’. It’s important because it makes it easier for search engines to build a map of your website. A good sitemap can establish you as a trusted, authoritative site, which can lead to better search rankings. Plus, linking internally will keep people on your site for longer. The longer people spend on your website, the more likely they are of becoming clients.

2.  Add keywords

If you don’t already know what keywords are, then here’s a quick explanation; they are phrases you expect people to type into search engines to find your blog post. For example, a local area guide may have keywords like ‘best primary schools in [your location]’.

Make sure you include your chosen keywords several times throughout your post, but not too many times. Search engines will scan your keywords and use them to determine how high they should rank you in search results.

It’s important to bear in mind that while keywords are essential for search engines, readability for your clients is still a top priority. Make sure you add keywords naturally into sentences to keep people reading.

3.  Include keywords in introductions

Having keywords in the first paragraph of your blog post is crucial for better rankings. Doing this helps search engines immediately identify what your post is about. They may also use your introduction to form your meta description, which is what people will read on search results to determine whether they should click on your post over your competitors.

4.  Link externally

Just like adding inbound links is good for better rankings, linking to other websites is also important. This is because outbound linking builds trust in the quality of your content. Think of it like a research paper. You are more likely to trust a paper that references its sources than one that doesn’t. Search engines view outbound links in a similar way. Plus, if you link to local businesses to promote their events, they may link back to you in the future. This can build your business networks and create ‘backlinks’. Backlinks are formed when your website is featured on another website. Having good backlinks can also improve your search rankings.

5.  Keep headings short

Short, snappy headings entice readers. But did you know that they can also improve your search rankings? This is because search engines usually display the first 50-60 characters of your heading in their search results. If you have a long title that’s cut off, people may scroll past it. Fewer clicks can mean lower rankings. To avoid this, keep your headings short and clickable.

Seeking professional help

SEO can be challenging to implement. These SEO tricks on how estate agents should write blog posts can help with achieving better rankings, but there is so much more to SEO for estate agents.

Seeking professional support with your SEO marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals. Contact us to learn how we can boost your chances of success through high-quality blog content.

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