5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog

If you already create your own blog content, you’ll know that it’s not a task which can be completed in 10 minutes flat.

  • You need to decide on a topic
  • Do your research
  • Fire up your creative juices
  • Write your piece
  • Edit and upload

And this can quite easily take at least several hours out of your day.

But your estate agency will really benefit from you publishing consistent, informative and educational content. It’s truly an incredible marketing strategy. So, here’s a big tip for you:

Always Repurpose Your Blog Content

What I mean by this is that you write an original article (or get it written for you), post it to your blog or news page and then you re-package it so that you get double – or even triple or more, benefit from it. After all, if you’ve taken hours to create it or you’ve spent money getting it created for you, you want to get the best out of it.

Now, don’t be concerned that people will get sick of seeing your content more than once! Honestly, they probably won’t have even seen it more than once anyway. They may have missed it the first couple of times you published it, so don’t worry about appearing repetitive or boring.

Remember, when you set your initial blog post live and then post the link to your social media accounts it’s not going to be seen by all your followers all at once, that’s just not how it works.

So, you must consider the fact that loads of your target audience will not initially have even seen your post…and that’s why you must post it again.

Also, you’re continually gaining a larger audience. Those people won’t have seen your posts either, especially if you’ve been adding new content for a long time.

So that’s your first tip. Always promote your original blog post more than once.

But technically, posting more than once is not actually ‘repurposing’ your content as such. It’s more a very basic way of making sure more people get to see your content.

True repurposing of your content involves getting a little bit more creative, but in doing so and by using your content more than once, you’ll;

So ultimately, you can devote more time to focus on what you’re best at within your business.

How to Repurpose Content
1. Social Media Snippets

Well, there’s loads of ways to re-purpose content, but one of the most effective strategies is to use snippets from your blog posts as social media posts.

This works especially well on Facebook and Twitter. Just take a little interesting paragraph or useful snippet and add it to your social media along with a relevant image. The idea behind this is to build your brand by adding value. You’re not trying to sell anything, just offering valuable information.

2. Create an Educational Video

Here’s another idea, take a blog post and make a video out of it! It doesn’t matter that you’ve already written on the subject. People like to take in information in different ways. Upload it to You Tube and then share via social media.

3. Design an Infographic

You can take the main points from your post and turn them into an infographic. Use templates from canva.com to create a professional infographic really easily and showcase fantastic visual content.

With these three options alone you’re already targeting those who learn through reading, through watching and those who like to understand information through images.

4. Transform Content into a Newsletter

You’ve already got the basic article. Simply upload your original article to your email software, make a few tweaks by adding an introduction and a call to action and schedule it to hit your entire database in one go!

5. Create an E-Guide

Go one step further and fashion a single blog post into an educational e-guide. Add a cover design, a contents page, extra images and your contact details and you have an impressive ready-made lead generator which you can give away in return for an email address to build your client base.

All these ideas can be implemented with every one of your blog posts (and actually any other content you create as well). It’s a great way to get more eyes on the same message without having to rack your brains and constantly come up with new topics.

There are plenty of other options too including creating a slide deck, using your blog posts in autoresponder messages or publishing posts as articles in any printed materials you might use in your business.

The opportunities are endless, so stop thinking that you can only use your content once! The whole point of evergreen content is just that…it will always be relevant. So, don’t hide it away.

Be smart and repurpose your content!

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