6 Call to Action Examples Estate Agents Can Use to Generate Leads

call to action examples for estate agents

Call to actions are a fundamental component of any blog post. If you’re not using them as part of your content marketing strategy, you should be!

We’ve already told you why estate agents should use call to actions here. But if you’re struggling with ideas, here are six examples of call to actions estate agents can use to boost conversions and generate new leads.

1. Request a free valuation

Do you already offer free valuations to prospective sellers? If yes, make it a call to action at the end of your blog post. If you have articles that target sellers in your area, encourage them to get in touch with you for a free valuation.

TIP: Anticipate your readers’ concerns and address them. For example, tell them how quick and easy it is to book a valuation.

2. Register your details

A great example of a call to action for an estate agent is one that encourages buyers to register their details with you. Your registered clients are more likely to find or sell a home through you. Plus, they can become a contact for life through your email or telephone marketing.

TIP: For best results, use this on blog posts that target buyers.

3. Subscribe to emails

Email marketing is a powerful tool. The people on your mailing list are more likely to use your services or come back to you in the future to use your agency again than almost anyone else. That’s why growing your subscribers should be a top priority for your estate agency. The perfect way to achieve this goal is to write a relevant call to action that motivates readers to subscribe.

TIP: Consider offering readers a freebie incentive to subscribe, such as an e-guide.

4. Get in touch

If your blog post doesn’t lend itself to a specific call to action, make it generic and encourage your readers to call one of your agents or visit a branch.

TIP: Make sure you inspire readers to take action right now when using this call to action. For example, ‘call us today’ or ‘visit the branch now for a chat’.

5. View properties

Before publishing blog content that targets buyers, make your call to action something that directs readers to view your available properties. Steer them towards your online listings or their local branch.

TIP: Keep it generic so you don’t have to update it regularly. For example, avoid saying ‘we currently have [insert number of bedrooms] properties available’, as this call to action will require updating regularly. Instead, say ‘check out our latest properties for sale in [location].

6. Learn more about the area

Another great example of a call to action is one that invites your readers to learn more about the local neighbourhood, schools and amenities by checking out your local area guides. It will keep people on your site and boost your chances of making a sale or gaining an instruction.

TIP: Use this call to action on blog posts that target local buyers.

Now here’s our call to action!

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