6 Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022: How to Win New Instructions

Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022

Marketing is very nearly an estate agents’ entire job. Selling properties, building relationships, and winning new instructions is all a form of marketing – and it’s your day-to-day business!

But everyone gets stumped for ideas occasionally – especially when it comes to online marketing and knowing how to promote your services on the web to win new instructions.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll share our top six online marketing ideas for 2022 that can help estate agents and letting agents win new instructions.

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Have a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are ‘carrots’ that entice people to sign up to your email subscriber list to get something in return. This usually works best when targeting landlords, vendors or buyers by offering them a handy e-guide full of the latest tips and tricks. You’ll need to invest in the e-guide to begin with, but, once you have it, you can use it for months or even years to help you generate new leads!

2. Create Blog Content (Frequently!)

Creating blog content as an estate agent is a golden way to drive traffic to your website and win new instructions. With high-quality blog content, you can grow your email subscriber list, gain followers, boost enquiries and even sell homes. The trick is to ensure your content is keyword-researched and that you are publishing something new at least twice a week.

3. Make an Email Subscriber List

If you have a lead magnet, you’ll need an email subscriber list! Without one, you could be losing out on valuable business – particularly since 75% of people that visit your website never return[1]. Managing email campaigns may seem like a chore, but when you have a regularly updated blog, you can simply repurpose the content to create valuable emails. It’s a no brainer!

4. Apply SEO Strategies to Your Website

Search engine optimisation is a complex thing to get to grips with. But, once you’ve nailed it (through doing things like writing SEO blog posts and publishing regularly), your website could generate new enquiries from potential leads while you sleep. The trick is to learn how to write SEO articles and what keywords you need to target (which we can help with if you’re not sure – just book a discovery call with us today and we can explain!).

5. Post on Social

Social media is a free resource that can help you win new instructions as an estate agent or letting agent. Being successful when posting on social is all about being consistent and knowing what to post. Getting to grips with the latest trends can help, but so can your blog content. If you’re creating keyword-researched blog content, you already know your target market are searching for those terms, so why not simply repurpose it for social media!

6. Be Intentional

Finally, the best estate agent marketing idea we can share with you is that you need to be intentional about the content you create. You need to have a goal and a strategy – and everything you do must align to it. For example, if you’re creating blog content, it needs to be optimised, targeted to your market and include a relevant call to action that helps you win new instructions.


If you don’t know where to start with creating online content and building a marketing strategy around it, we can help! Book your free 15-minute discovery call today. We can chat about your goals and help you find the perfect blog posting strategy that can allow your business to thrive.

[1] https://bloggingwizard.com/blog-visitors-will-never-return-solution/

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