Can Content Give Estate Agents Social Proof?

Can Content Give Estate Agents Social Proof

Most estate agents will admit that they’re operating within a highly competitive marketplace. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s so important to elevate your online presence and raise awareness of your brand within your local area. Part of boosting your brand profile involves obtaining greater social proof, but how can you achieve this goal, and can the right estate agent content hold the key to success?

Social Proof – An Overview

Whether online or offline, well-done social proof allows estate agencies to promote high confidence in their brands. Providing clear evidence that others have had positive experiences when using your estate agency to sell or buy a property increases the likelihood that others will follow their example and use your agency.

Recent statistics show just how important social proof can be. According to over 90% of consumers aged 18-34 now trust reviews online just as much as personal recommendations. Not only that, but 87% of all consumers are now checking online reviews for local businesses before choosing which one to use. With this in mind, it’s clear that social proof can build trust and confidence, thus enabling your estate agency to gain more leads, a higher number of enquiries, and greater revenue.

So, how can you harness the power of social proof through your estate agency content?

Here are our expert suggestions.

Writing Customer Case Studies

Prospective clients want to know that other people who have used your estate agency were satisfied with the level of service and customer care they received. By identifying satisfied clients and asking them to be part of a case study, you can create content that takes a deep dive into exactly how you’ve helped them to achieve their property goals then showcase that content on your blog, on social media, and in your email newsletters.

Sharing Reviews And Testimonials On Social Media

If your estate agency has received online reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, you should share them on your social media pages. After all, positive client reviews are the ultimate form of social proof. It’s also important to respond to testimonials and reviews to show you care about clients’ experiences, whether good or bad.

UGC – User Generated Content

People will be convinced that your previous clients are satisfied if you share their user-generated content on your brand’s social media profiles. Instagram is an especially useful platform on which to achieve this. Create your own branded hashtag and include it in your estate agency bio before encouraging users with the opportunity to be featured. You can then share the user-generated content on your estate agency account while tagging its original poster.

Content That Shows You’re An Active Presence In Your Local Community

Locally-focused content is another effective way to generate social proof for your estate agency. Covering local events in your articles and blog posts, working in collaboration with other businesses in your area to highlight each other’s benefits, (for example by writing a review of a local restaurant on your blog) helps local people see that your brand is a trustworthy feature of their community. They will then be more likely to choose your estate agency when they need the services that you provide.

Generating high-quality content isn’t always easy though, especially when you’re running a busy estate agency and have other things to focus on.

That’s where we can help. Register today and benefit from our extensive collection of professionally written and well-crafted premium content for estate agents, designed specifically to meet your needs.

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