Can Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents Really Sell Homes?

Can Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents Really Sell Homes?

As an estate agent, it’s very likely that your brand already has an active presence on social media platforms. However, simply having a profile on sites like Instagram and Facebook is no longer enough to really stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve been wondering whether social media marketing can really sell homes, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

By harnessing the power of the many marketing features that social media websites have made available, you can promote your agency to the fullest extent. The key to success, though, isn’t just about posting regularly, it’s about having a clear social media content marketing strategy. With this in mind, here are our top tips for creating an effective social media campaign that drives up brand awareness, increases traffic to your agency’s website, and boosts your bottom line.

Make Your Content More Creative

Perhaps the most important tip that we can give you when it comes to really harnessing the full power of social media marketing is to give all of your content an exciting creative makeover. Yes, of course, you should post new property listings on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, but if that’s all your company’s social media pages have to offer, you’ll never really get ahead of your local competitors.

Gaining an organic presence on social platforms requires content that brings added value to your target audience as well as your standard property listings. Creating an engaging property hub that advises, updates, educates, entertains, and informs readers is the best way to make your brand’s social media profile eye-catching and appealing.

So, what kind of content should you be including?

Here are some suggestions to get your strategy off the ground:

  • Seller tips
  • Buyer advice
  • Top questions to ask an estate agent
  • Area guides
  • How-to e-guides
  • Local market insights
  • Lifestyle content
  • Knowledge, events and facts about your local community
  • Estate agency industry news
  • Frequently asked questions and answers

Begin Conversations With Your Followers

The beauty of social media is that you can engage and interact with your followers and build up stronger relationships with them. Beginning conversations with your audience is the best way to discover what your prospective clients need and want. You can use your interactions to uncover their pain points and then use the information that you’ve gleaned to create more relevant content that your followers want to read.

Engaging directly with your audience is a multifunctional tool. Not only can you obtain ideas for fresh content, but you can even get user-generated content from your readers through invitations to submit their own stories and tips. As an added advantage, social media conversations represent a fantastic way to expand your business’s reach by asking your followers to tag their friends and by running competitions.

Focus On Your Local Audience

Your estate agency almost certainly deals with clients within a specific geographical area, so think hyper-locally, making your local area and communities a top priority when creating and posting social media content.

Use your social media profiles to showcase how your brand is involved with local customers, local businesses, and your local community in general, as well as your team’s knowledge about the area that your serve. Building up a strong local reputation through your local content is a great way to win over more customers so that you can become the first choice among local people when they need estate agency services. Adding testimonials and reviews from clients to your social media pages is another beneficial strategy that will help your agency stand out.

Using A Professional Content Writer

Creating content for your social media pages is a vital element of your estate agency’s marketing campaign, but it can also be a time-consuming task, not to mention a challenging one.

Coming up with fresh ideas is never easy, and ensuring that quality is maintained can present its own difficulties. Using a professional content writer is, therefore, a great idea, and one way to benefit is to register for access to our high-quality estate agency content library. With an extensive array of personalised content available to meet your needs, you’ll be able to harness the full power of social media and give your business a vital boost.

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