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4 Persuasive Writing Tips for Estate Agents That Can Boost Sales

4 Persuasive Writing Tips for Estate Agents That Can Boost Sales

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a property listing or a blog post, your aim of the game is to inspire people to act. That’s why knowing how to write persuasively as an estate agent is crucial if you want to win new leads and make more sales. We know that writing (especially blog posts)

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

If you’re not practising content marketing for your estate agency in 2022, you’re missing a trick! One of the best lead generation strategies around is content marketing. But a good strategy requires good ideas. Unfortunately, knowing where to start with content marketing (or how to raise your game if you’ve been doing it for a

10 Reasons You Should be Posting on Your Blog Every Week

10 Reasons Estate Agents Should Post on Their Blogs Regularly

An unloved blog page is a very sad thing. It gives the impression that you have started something that you can’t be bothered to carry on with. That you just don’t care enough about your agency and your clients to keep them up to date with the latest news or offer them advice and information

4 Powerful Ways to Elevate Your Estate Agent Website in 2022


Every year, your business needs to raise its game to continue to be the best. With many estate agents moving their lead generation strategies online, levelling up your website is one of the top ways to grow your success. If you’re looking for advice on how to improve your estate agent website in 2022, here

How to Make Your Content Stand Out As An Estate Agent

Wanting to stand out from the crowd isn’t a new concept for estate agents. Since high streets are often lined with offices, finding ways to make yours stand out has always been important. With more estate agents pushing content marketing to gain new leads through online traffic, making your online presence stand out is just

3 Tips For Estate Agents: How to Make Your Content Accessible for Everyone

How to make your estate agency content accessible

With 1 in 5 people in the UK living with a disability[1], having inclusive services couldn’t be more important. But by having inaccessible content, even accidentally, you could be excluding huge numbers of people from viewing your blog. You could even be breaking the law! Inaccessible content can also work against your SEO (search engine

How Often Should Estate Agents Blog?

How often should estate agents blog

The question, ‘How often should I blog?’ is possibly one of the most debated subjects on the internet. Blogging has huge benefits for almost any business, especially estate agents. It has the potential to drive traffic to your website and help you generate more leads in the local area. But knowing how often to ‘do

5 Simple Steps to Complete a Content Audit of Your Estate Agent Blog

How to complete a content audit

Have you heard about content audits and are wondering what they’re all about? Unless you’re working with a content specialist, managing your blog can be hard work. While content audits sound like just another thing to add to your to-do list, they can be an important part of helping you refine your content marketing strategy

How Estate Agents Can Plan Killer Content For 2022

How to Plan Killer Content for 2022

Are you already thinking about content for next year? If not, you should be! The New Year always comes around quicker than we think. And since blog content is a marketing goldmine for estate agents, building a plan early is never a bad idea. If you’re wondering where to start with creating a content plan

Why Mobile-Friendly Blogging is Crucial For Estate Agents

Why Mobile Friendly Blogging is Important for Estate Agents

Mobile-friendly blogging is about more than just having a responsive site. If you want to see success with your blog, you need to be catering to mobile visitors in more ways than just having a website that resizes to fit the screen! If mobile-friendly blogging has got you asking ‘what, why and how?’, here’s everything

How Estate Agents Can Create Viral Content

how to create viral content for your estate agency

Are you looking for new ways to generate leads? Social media is one of the most powerful (and free) marketing tools that has changed the game when it comes to lead generation. Going viral on these platforms can boost your enquiries and raise brand awareness on a global scale. While there’s no guarantee that anything

How Estate Agents Can Advertise Local Area Guides

For a buyer, an easy-to-read snapshot of the local area is one of the most prized possessions. A well-researched guide can save precious time and has the power to completely overhaul someone’s perspective of an area. If you’ve recently purchased a set of local area guides, or you’re thinking about creating some for your estate

5 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

5 Content Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

When it comes to content, more is more. Search engines love it and there’s never a shortage of prospective clients browsing new topics online. That’s why having a blog for your estate agency that’s fresh and full of high-quality information is so important. It can provide an endless supply of marketing material that helps you

6 Call to Action Examples Estate Agents Can Use to Generate Leads

call to action examples for estate agents

Call to actions are a fundamental component of any blog post. If you’re not using them as part of your content marketing strategy, you should be! We’ve already told you why estate agents should use call to actions here. But if you’re struggling with ideas, here are six examples of call to actions estate agents

What is a Call to Action and Why Should Estate Agents Use Them?

what is a call to action

Do you keep hearing about ‘call to actions’? Are you wondering what a call to action is? If so, you’re missing out on one of the best marketing tactics there is! If call to actions aren’t already a part of your content marketing strategy, they need to be. Here’s everything you need to know about