Estate Agents: 5 Ways You Can Beat Your Competition


How many times in the past have you asked yourself how your estate agency can make sure that your target audience always thinks of you before considering your competition?

Never? Then that’s where you are making a big mistake.

As a local estate agent who relies on local business, it’s likely that you are directly competing with several other estate agents nearby, so you must have a few aces up your sleeve and a strategy that allows you to stand out. A strategy that allows you to consistently win new instructions and make a name for yourself as the expert estate agent in your area.

But first, you must know your competition. If you don’t know who they are and what they provide, how can you outshine them? So, compare your fees, portfolio size, services, reviews and consider all the areas you can improve upon whilst actively using engaging and useful content to put yourself out there as an expert.

Here are five techniques you can perfect to ensure you become the go to estate agent in your area.

1. Understand the power of your website

Your website is your online shop window and is your greatest digital asset! It should be informative, easy to navigate, always fresh and current and of course contain educational content too. It’s as easy as the click of the back button for potential clients to navigate away from your site if they don’t like what they see, so you must draw them in from the minute they land on your site. Set the tone from the home page so that first impressions count.

2. Stop talking about yourself!

It’s not all about you, you, you. Your target audience is not in the least bit interested in the fact that you are ‘excited to announce…’ or you are ‘delighted to achieve….’ or you are ‘happy to show…’ These are emotional sentences based on how ‘you’ feel. Yes, you should have an ‘About’ page but keep the ‘you’ content to that page only. Your customers only care about their own feelings, so provide content elsewhere on your website which engages your audience and makes them feel good, rather than boring them. For example, regular blog posts providing them with useful or helpful home moving ideas and information.

3. Make sure you make sense

Once you have uploaded your content, ensure that what you’ve added actually makes sense before you publish! You might feel like you’ve achieved something amazing by hastily throwing your content together in 10 minutes, but the reality is, if it’s not relevant, engaging, spell-checked and proofread, you will end up doing more damage and turning your audience off, rather than hooking them in. Poorly written articles are a turn off and will make you look unprofessional.

4. Be human and be kind

Times have changed. Corporate is out and the friendly, personal, informal approach is now the way to the hearts of your target audience! It’s easy to rely on technology and property portals to provide you with a consistent flow of leads that you follow up on autopilot, but the truth is, this makes you lazy and you end up being reactive rather than proactive and engaging with people.

A personal touch goes a long way. Pick up the telephone, talk to your audience, go out into the local community and make yourself known, ask how you can help, treat every prospect like they are the only ones on your radar.

Whilst your competitors are behaving like robots, show people you genuinely care about them and their needs. Outstanding customer service like this is a must. It will bring you referrals, because people adore raving about companies and brands they like!

5. Keep lines of communication open – always

Is it enough to pick up the phone and speak to a potential client once? Well it’s a good start but will they remember you from one phone call? Unlikely. Particularly if they have had three further calls from other estate agents in your locality. So, make sure you stay in their minds. If they register for property alerts, ask them to sign up for your regular newsletter.

This could be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly content that lands in their inbox offering them advice, information, tips, hacks…anything! The only rule is that you must not sell to them. Your newsletter is simply a very subtle way of keeping your estate agency at the forefront of their minds so that when the time comes for them to buy or sell, it is you they will think of first because:

  • You have kept in touch consistently
  • You have provided expert, interesting information
  • You have not tried to sell to them

Finally, remember that whatever you do, not everyone will become a client, but the ones that do, they will recommend you to others in the future.

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