Estate Agents: 7 Things Your Customers Want to Know Right Now

7 Things Your Customers Want to Know Right Now

If lockdown has done one thing, it has highlighted the necessity for estate agents to increase their online presence. In fact, this has been underlined not just for estate agents, but for every business that until these last few strange months may have been lacking somewhat when it came to their digital arsenal.

I’m not just talking about having a website though. Any estate agency can have a website.

Actually, I’ll rephrase that. Any estate agency can have a pretty website.

No, that’s still not quite right. I’ll try again. Any estate agency can have a pretty invisible website.

Just because you have a website showcasing your listings, this doesn’t automatically guarantee your visibility online.

It’s the same offline too.

Just because you have an attractive high street shop front. Just because you have beautiful branding, expensive signage and a top-notch window display. Just because your interior is customised with contemporary fixtures and fittings, iPads, squishy sofas, modern artworks and a posh coffee machine, this doesn’t guarantee prospects will walk through your door.

Online and offline, you have to give people a reason to want to come to you.

Something more than just coincidentally having a property listed that they fancy.

So, here’s an online strategy you can implement with very little fuss or effort which will ultimately assist you in your offline marketing efforts too.

Visibility is key. This should be your mantra.

Remember, having a lovely website should be seen as your shop front, but it’s your content that is your word of mouth.

Attracting your ideal client using your website is a simple two-step process.

  1. Uncover the information your ideal clients are already searching for online.
  2. Provide that information in a non-salesy way.

What does this do?

It helps you become a trusted, knowledgeable source.

Maybe you already know this and want to implement a content marketing strategy, but perhaps you’re not quite sure of the answers your ideal client is looking for?

Well, here are some current popular searches by home movers:

  • What are home moving costs: 8100 searches per month
  • How to rent guide: 5400 searches per month
  • Moving out checklist: 4400 searches per month
  • How much money do I need to buy a house: 2900 searches per month
  • Moving house with a cat: 2400 searches per month
  • Home staging: 2400 searches per month
  • Tips on how to sell a house: 1300 searches per month

These topics may appear pretty basic with searches in relatively small numbers considering the population and the reach of the internet! But remember, you are not trying to make yourself visible to the entire world, you are targeting your local area and only those who are looking for answers to specific questions relating to property and home.

There is no broad brush involved. These search topics all contain what are known as ‘long-tail’ keywords. They are highly specific so that your reach is also highly specific. Because after all, your target market is also highly specific!

So, how do you provide information in a non-salesy way?

Simply use these searches as a basis to write articles and blog posts which you then publish on your website.

It’s honestly not rocket science.

This is how you can quickly become an authority in your area, attracting clients who already trust you and see you as a fountain of knowledge before they’ve even met you!

But how does this translate to your offline marketing?

Well, as your online reputation builds, you’ll start to get a bigger following. As that increases, your agency will begin to become known as the place for answers. A ‘hub’ if you like.

And that’s precisely how your offline premises should also be seen. A ‘hub’ of the local community.

It’s not only online that you can provide answers and assistance! Your squishy sofas and posh coffee are going to get a look in after all!

  • Have an open-door policy at your office (safely and with social distance measures in place of course).
  • Invite people to come and meet you and your team and have an informal chat.

This is not a sales exercise, it’s merely an exercise in introducing and ingratiating yourself and showing the local community how delightfully helpful you are.

Be helpful.

Be knowledgeable.

Don’t sell.

Why shouldn’t people feel welcome enough to drop in any time for a coffee and a chat? Let them come and sit on your sofas and drink your coffee. You’re unlikely to be servicing a massive area, so you have tremendous potential to become the font of all knowledge when it comes to your locality.

And when these people are ready to buy or sell, they will come to you.

Become a ‘hub’ online through your content, and this can easily follow through offline, placing you and your agency as the experts.

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