Estate Agents: An Offer of Help Through COVID-19

an offer of help to estate agents

Right now, we are going through an unprecedented situation with the dreadful COVID-19 and so it’s hard for many independent business owners to know how we should feel. I am one of those business owners and that’s why I want to help you.

Today I have already felt;








A range of emotions that I am sure you are feeling too.

I wanted to let you know that it’s perfectly fine to feel all of these things. Not one of us knows exactly what the right thing to do is, or what the right way to feel is, because there is no right way. We are all just feeling our way, taking one day at a time.

What I do know though, is that you should not give up on your agency. Don’t disappear. Don’t hide away.

Stay visible.

Being visible is the most important and pro-active thing you can do right now to ensure that when this is all over you are still here and will come bouncing back.

Turn up every single day – not at your office – you need to stay safe – but online.

Right now, that’s where your audience is. They are looking, searching, seeking out information and expertise. Information and expertise that you have.

Would be home movers or those with properties already on the market want information that will assist them and help them through the difficult coming weeks, to make themselves feel better, more in control.

So, provide that information and you will be remembered. I cannot reiterate enough how vital it is that as an independent estate agency, you stay highly visible, with compassion within your locality.

Your target audience is online right now, more than ever before, so that’s where you need to be, being helpful, providing information, being compassionate. Sticking in their minds so that when they are ready to sell, they choose your agency.

So, to help you, I’ve added three brand new, editable and ready to use articles relating to COVID19 for my ‘content for estate agents’ members and I will be adding more over the coming days.

If you are not a subscriber, you can still access the articles and choose one for your use completely free. Just follow this link

These are accessible now for publication on your blog, news page or for use in your newsletters or any emails you are sending to clients, so please download what you need.

There’s no obligation. We are all in this together. I just want to help you stay visible.

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