Estate Agents: Are You Giving Homeowners What They Are Asking For?

Did you know that most online searches are for information?

For example, did you realise that there are more than 1,900 searches per month in the UK for the term ‘moving house with cats’?

Or that last month alone there were 2,400 UK searches for a ‘home movers checklist.’

Or that 2,900 searches a month are for ‘van for moving’ and another 1,300 searches specifically for ‘luton 3.5 tonne van.’

How do I know this?

Because this is exactly the type of data that I research every month to ensure that I provide relevant content to estate and lettings agents.

You can then easily target and capture the attention of homeowners through content that is proven to be searched for online.

Here’s another fun fact for you.

Those searches I’ve just mentioned may not seem like high numbers when you consider the amount of people in the UK, the quantity of internet users and the sum of people who may be looking to move home. But in fact, they are high numbers.

Most searches actually involve keywords with less than 30 searches per month – those are the low volume ones – but actually those are also worth targeting because they are super-highly-relevant!

Combine those search terms with your location and, although this means that fewer people may be searching for those keywords, they are highly targeted.

So, if you have content out there that matches low volume keywords, then your content will be returned in searches. And that puts you in a great position.

For branding. For awareness. For authority. For expertise.

Your blog content should be used for the sole purpose of keeping you in the minds of local homeowners – and not only when they are moving home!

You should be providing information for them before they think about moving.

This could be in the form of a local area guide, or a piece about specific local facilities or attractions – schools, parks, shops and so on.

For example, did you know that recent monthly searches for the term ‘living in Coventry’ were 1,400 with ‘posh areas of Coventry’ searched for more than 40 times?

If you happen to be an estate agent or lettings agent in Coventry, then by publishing local area information on your blog you will potentially reach 1,440 highly targeted potential clients just from that one piece of content!

So, by publishing a variety of content targeting local homeowners (or hyperlocal marketing) the chances are that those homeowners will land on your website whenever they search for answers to their questions or information about their neighbourhood!

And the more you post, the more ‘out there’ you will become.

The expert. The fountain of knowledge. The ‘go-to’ estate or lettings agent in your area.

Are you giving homeowners what they are searching for?

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