Estate Agents: Avoid this at all costs!

estate agents avoid at all costs

I wanted to bring to light a mistake that many estate agents have been making, despite trying their best not to!

I see so many estate agents running into problems when it comes to creating and publishing content because of this one grave mistake.

I know that you read my blog posts because you are interested in learning how to get organic leads and win more instructions, so I felt that I had to write this to ensure that you do not do this at all costs.

Are you ready?

Here’s the thing.

Although you may understand that publishing content is an important marketing strategy for your agency, the problem comes when you don’t understand what type of content you should be publishing.

So, instead of considered content, you end up publishing random stuff that isn’t interesting, engaging or even targeting your actual audience.

And that’s no good to anyone.

If you are publishing content about:

  • Your agency
  • Your premises
  • Your market share
  • You or your staff
  • Your professional qualifications
Sorry, but you are doing it wrong. And it’s dangerous!

Look, from experience, I know you are publishing content like this because you think it’s the right way to attract clients, but also because you don’t really know what else you should write about.

But that is exactly why you are in danger of committing a grave mistake that YOU must avoid at all costs. And that is, letting your ego get in the way of posting really valuable, engaging content that home movers want to see.

You absolutely HAVE to avoid this at all costs because:
  • Home movers are not interested in the number of new instructions you secured last week, last month or last year, nor the number of properties you sold in that same period.
  • Your target audience do not care that your office is situated in a state-of-the-art building in the centre of town with barista quality coffee, modern art and squishy sofas.
  • Vendors couldn’t give two hoots about the number of awards you have won or how many ESTAS nominations you have received this year.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of those things are important within your agencies marketing strategy as a whole, but content marketing is not about stroking your own ego nor directly selling to your target audience.

It’s about educating them, putting your personality out there and super-subtly planting your agency into their sub-consciousness.

If you try and big yourself and your agency up in your content marketing, and if you try and sell to your target audience through your content, trust me, it will end up costing you.

When home movers search online for answers to their home moving questions or they want a problem solving, they don’t expect to be sold to.

Nobody ever really wants to be sold to!

So, don’t do it. There’s a time and a place for that.

What home movers want is this:

To resonate and engage with you over topics that are meaningful to them. Subjects that are helpful, useful and that provide value. So, don’t waffle on about how amazing you are. Instead, provide value through your content.

For example:

  • How potential vendors should prepare their home for sale
  • How sellers can get the best price for their property
  • Interior design trends for home buyers
  • How to choose a removal company

A simple switch of mindset, from thinking about me, me, me to you, you, you is the way to start connecting with your local audience and winning more instructions.

If you’re still struggling to come up with ideas for your estate agency content, then get in touch with me for some ideas – no obligation!

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