Estate Agents: Can You Afford a Content Writer?

can you afford a content writer?

As an estate or lettings agent the chances are that you’re probably not much of a writer. I appreciate that’s quite a sweeping statement and it’s not meant as an insult, it’s just that your skills probably lie elsewhere. That’s why you have chosen to be an estate agent, rather than a journalist, copywriter or any other role in the creative industry!

Nine out of 10 of you will have sat down to write a blog post, news piece or local area guide at some point during your estate agency career and found yourself still looking at a blank screen two hours later. And as you curse and get more frustrated, the harder it is to make the words flow!

Finally, after writing a few paragraphs, deleting them and re-writing, you lose patience, give up and settle on something that will just ‘suffice’ because quite frankly, you’re relieved to be able to get back to what you do best – dealing with clients and running your business.

And you vow (again) to practice your writing before next week when you’ll need to post another piece of content.

But you don’t.

Because the only thought in your mind is that in those two hours you previously spent, desperately trying to squeeze words from your brain, you could have spoken with four or five clients. You could have arranged two or three viewings. You could have booked in several valuations…

So, the tasks that you are not so good at, or that you find not so enjoyable get left behind, because time is money.

This morning I spoke with a Midlands based estate agent who told me:

“I’ve been meaning to write some local area guides for my website since I opened my agency!”

He opened his agency in 2018.

Two years it took for him to call me. And when he finally did, he admitted that apart from the time aspect, one of the reasons he had put it off for so long is because he was trying to save money by attempting to write his content himself.

Unfortunately, the money he ‘saved’ did not outweigh the time it took for him to keep going with his many creative attempts, which in fact came to nothing because he never actually managed to create and publish any content!

So, just like my newest client, do you think you can’t afford to hire a content writer?

If you are proud of your business and want it to be the best that it can be then you must invest in it so that it becomes something special.

Well written content has the power to make people read and engage with you. This will help cement your authority, showcase your knowledge and ultimately bring you more business.

So, you can continue with your attempts at content writing and carry on achieving not very much, (but hey you will have saved yourself a few pounds), or you can get a professional.

If you choose the professional option, arrange a chat with me here!

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