Estate Agents: How Controversial are You?

estate agents how controversial are you

I lost five subscribers last week. Here’s why.

I send my weekly newsletter ➡️ to my list every Tuesday. It always contains a helpful tip, a relevant little story or some piece of information that I feel will benefit subscribers in some way. There’s never a huge amount of waffle. It’s always an important message written to make the reader sit up, take notice and make them think. Sometimes, I hope my emails may even provide a little entertainment on a dull day!

I have been sending out newsletters like this for 15 years in one form or another, so from experience, I know what type of content works and what doesn’t!

Anyway, last Tuesday, I sent my newsletter out with the subject line: 

“Lazy or uneducated, what’s your excuse?”

And this subject line immediately lost me the grand total of five newsletter subscribers! Yep, they couldn’t hit the unsubscribe button fast enough. 

That’s five estate agents who felt my subject line was unforgivably offensive and who immediately leapt into fight mode, all eager to tell me just how outrageous my email was!

But that’s ok. I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t concerned. I didn’t spend the following few mornings unable to cope and crying into my cornflakes. Also, I have zero regrets about sending that email.


Because I only want to work with those who can see the value in what I offer and who at least take the time to read my content so that they understand the context before they fire off an email of complaint to me in defence of their fragile egos.

But, the biggest reason is that controversial subject lines just like that one will always bring benefits.

I lost five newsletter subscribers…

But eight estate agents subscribed to my free trial offer…

Two of those upgraded to my paid service. 

What’s more, I also got a stonking testimonial from a client off the back of his initial response to my email!

Testimonials are like gold dust, so if I have to lose five subscribers to gain two new clients and a testimonial – well I’ll take that thank you very much!

So, what does this tell you?

Good content marketing sometimes requires you to be a bit controversial. It requires you to publish content, titles and subject lines that make your audience want to open your emails, read your blogs, follow you on social media, and importantly which provoke a reaction in some way.

It doesn’t need to be an angry reaction, that’s the extreme, any kind of reaction is good, because reactions mean engagement and an opportunity to open a direct channel of communication with a prospective client. What’s more, you will be remembered.

And if you are remembered, when the time comes for a requirement for your service, there’s a really strong chance that you will win the business!

So, my message is to keep pushing your content out, put your estate agency squarely in front of your target audience. Be controversial occasionally. Have an opinion.

But most of all, be consistent and knowledgable.  

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