Estate Agents: How Employees Are The Key to Content Marketing Success

I had the absolute pleasure of being involved with Propertymark’s very first Power-Hour recently for #LearningTuesday. I spent a very pleasurable 60 minutes discussing over zoom how agency employees can be the key to every agency’s content marketing efforts, giving you that extra oomph by multiplying your reach.

Did you know:

  • Your employees have an average of 1,090 social connections (and that’s still growing) across their social media accounts.
  • Your employees have five times more reach than corporate accounts, so while it’s important for every agency to be visible on all the social media channels and to publish fresh content weekly, employee accounts can bump that reach up significantly. Your agency blog and social accounts are important for sharing, interacting with customers and clients, and of course establishing a brand presence. But your social connections can ramp up brand visibility, increase leads and drive traffic to your blog and website because you put a human face to a brand.
  • Your employees are seven times more likely to convert a follower as you are because they are seen as ‘impartial’ even though they are an employee.

This means employees are highly valuable when it comes to being proactive with your content, and can play a huge part in brand awareness, the visibility and reputation of your agency.

Ideally, you want to allow your employees to become:

  • Advocates
  • Ambassadors
  • Influencers

And they can do this by producing and sharing content on your blog and of course, social media!

Here’s three ways your employees can help explode your online reach.

1. They can share your agency content on social media. This is content that has already been produced on your company’s blog and social pages. For example, information about specific offers, properties and new listings, alongside informational and educational posts on lifestyle, home-moving topics, interiors and tips and how to’s.

2. They can produce and share fun brand content on social media. This is content that needs to be produced fresh. For example, a short video of ‘a day in the office’, offering a fun glimpse of agency culture!

3. They can share third party content on social media. This is content that is not already on your blog, website or your own social media accounts but does already exist. For example, news items from reputable and reliable sources. It’s content that can be used to support your engaging brand content and help put your agency out there as a market leader, because it shows that you are on top of the latest industry specific information.

For employees to be able to share, of course there must be a regular supply of decent content available and published to your blog then channelled through to social media.

And just imagine if all your staff start sharing!

We spend on average 2 hours 24 minutes a day on social media – mostly mindlessly scrolling – so that time could be put to good use if you get your staff onboard!

More visibility means more reach, and that means more leads, ultimately helping agency growth.

Nobody knows your agency better than your employees! They work within it every single day. That’s why they can be the key to pushing content out in the most authentic and engaging way.

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