Estate Agents: How to help home movers!


How helpful have you been to your clients these past few months? No, really, I mean if you take a proper good, long look at yourself and your agency, have you been, and do you continue to be as helpful as you can possibly be when it comes to your clients?

I’m interested to know because there was an article that caught my eye in the Property Reporter newsletter last week which stated:

“According to new research by home setup service, Just Move In, an overwhelming 69% of the nation feel that estate agents should do more to help them during the stressful process of moving between homes.”

Property Reporter 19th June 2020

Woah! 69% is not a small percentage, so that’s a lot of home movers who would appreciate help with, for example, switching utilities.

But how do you feel about that? Potentially pitching in with tasks such as informing utility providers of a change of address to help alleviate the stress of moving.

Well, actually I think I can guess your reaction.

As an estate agent, you will most likely feel that this is definitely not within your remit. You want to be out there listing and selling houses, not spending hours on the phone listening to the dire hold ‘musak’ of electricity and water providers customer service departments while grappling with reference numbers and account details for multiple completions. That would be a full-time job in itself, and so unless you can employ an office junior to fulfil this task, it’s pretty much a non-starter.

But – and yes, there is a but – just because you can’t or won’t necessarily offer this type of service to your clients doesn’t mean that you can’t go above and beyond in other aspects of the moving process to help alleviate the stress of moving home.

I’m talking about being super helpful right from the start of a potential client’s journey. In fact, even before someone actually becomes a client!

The trick is to create a long-lasting impression

This not only ensures a stream of clients wanting your agency to sell their home, but also creates positive word of mouth and repeat business.

All of these things have always been important but are arguably even more crucial as the market continues to reignite following lockdown.

So, by showing yourself as the local agent that goes the extra mile, you can place yourself as the go-to expert in your area and start consistently winning listings over your competitors.

While you may not have the capacity to deal directly with people’s utility suppliers, you can help them in other ways and ensure that moving home is less stressful for them.

  • Add a ‘Moving Home Checklist’ to your blog and link to it through your social media channels.
  • Publish a ‘Tips to Prepare Your Property for Viewings’ article.
  • Provide ‘Pain Free Packing Tips’ as a downloadable PDF in your regular newsletter.

These are all pro-active ‘helpful’ things that you can provide to those who are contemplating moving home but might feel it’s far too stressful and so are putting off making the leap.

They are far more likely to instruct a helpful agent who cares about their stress levels and can offer knowledge and expertise on all aspects of buying and selling.

Other information you can provide includes:

  • A ‘Budgeting for Fees’ Guide, particularly useful for first-time buyers!
  • ‘A step by step guide to the conveyancing process’, great for clearly explaining what happens and when!
I’m sure you get the idea.

So, while in an ideal world, dealing with utilities for your client would, of course, show you in a fantastic light and make their life less stressful, it’s impractical for most estate agents.

On the other hand, consistently providing helpful, useful information through engaging, expert blog posts on topics that home movers are actively seeking to relieve their stresses and worries, is within the reach of EVERY estate agent.

Some estate agents refuse to believe that being helpful is an aspect of business that can make a huge difference when it comes to winning or losing an instruction.

Those that do believe are the ones who win the listing.

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