Estate Agents: How to Win More Instructions

how to win more instructions

How many times recently has a new property come to market, and you’ve been disappointed to find that your estate agency didn’t even get the opportunity to value it?

It’s frustrating when this happens, but there is a simple strategy you can put into practice to ensure vendors call on you as the go-to agent in the area as soon as they are ready to sell.

There is one basic principle that will help your agency win more instructions, and that is to make sure your agency is visible.

It’s likely you think your agency is already visible, after all, you may have a high street presence in a prime location or a glitzy website or both of these.

Unfortunately, neither is enough. You need to be EVERYWHERE!

The key is to be pro-active, not reactive. Many vendors will already have an idea in their heads as to which estate agencies they are going to call to get a market appraisal on their property, so it’s your job to make sure that you are one of those agents.

You know that right? That’s what your website and window display are for surely? To attract custom. Well, yes they are, but it’s not enough!

You must get into a potential vendor’s headspace before they’ve actually made the decision to sell! Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?

You may have attempted this before, perhaps with a leaflet drop through letterboxes, flyers on cars, perhaps you’ve gone so far as to knock on doors. It’s likely that despite your efforts, you’ve had a poor response to these methods of canvassing. It’s not surprising though as it’s rare that vendors respond to this strategy for two main reasons:

  1. It’s predictable
  2. It’s boring

Bunging leaflets through letterboxes is not a targeted method of reaching your exact audience. You could drop 10,000 leaflets and get one enquiry. That’s not a great return for the amount of time and money you’ve spent getting those leaflets printed and delivered.

So, to ensure you start winning more instructions, first you need to consider where your target audience hangs out and reach them that way.

You’ve probably already guessed what I’m going to tell you next…

Your target audience is hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – scrolling, searching, devouring information. They are hanging out with Google – searching for answers, information, problem solving. They are hanging out on YouTube, Tik Tok – watching interesting videos. In fact, they are pretty much everywhere online. And so that’s where you must go to, to find them, target them and reach them.

I can already feel your panic rising! How can you be everywhere? You’ve got an estate agency to run. You don’t know enough about social media or Google and what the hell is Tik Tok? You certainly haven’t got time to spend hours engaging with people on those platforms all day.

I understand. So, take it one step at a time and start with a basic strategy to get your estate agency name out there online so that you start generating a bigger awareness.

Let’s start with your blog or news page

You might not realise it, but your currently under-utilized blog or news page is the perfect starting point for you to begin raising awareness for your estate agency within your local area and ensuring you are firmly in the headspace of future clients before they even realise it themselves.

By utilizing your blog, you will take the first step to becoming the go-to expert estate agent in your area, simply by providing regular, engaging, property market-relevant information to the very people who are searching for it.

Used correctly as part of your content marketing strategy, your blog or news page has the power to raise your profile in the search results, sending clients directly to your website. Yes really!

So, I’ve made it super simple for you to give it a try.

My three-step plan allows you to take action today. Here’s what you need to do:
Step One:

Upload and publish a new, relevant post, at least 750 words in length, to your blog or news page. If you don’t have content ready or you don’t have time to write a post, you can get a personalised and location targeted property market-relevant article and image of your choice, for free, with no obligation right here

So, that’s your first piece of content sorted – and you’ve no excuse not to upload and publish it!

Step Two:

Once you’ve published your article, copy the article link and post it to all your current social media accounts. If you only have Facebook, or you only have Twitter that’s fine, you can open further social media accounts later – for now, just post it, along with relevant hashtags to ensure your information is found on social media by your target audience. If you don’t know which hashtags to use or what to write in your post, use the social media snippet you’ll get for free when you get your personalised article, also for free, with no obligation, right here!

So, you now have relevant content and social media snippets – and still no excuse!

Step Three:

Repeat these two steps on a weekly basis. As you consistently post, more awareness will build, giving you traction online.


This method only works when you keep your blog or news page, fresh, updated and property market-relevant with content that your target audience is actively searching for and want to read.

Potential vendors are not interested in leaflets telling them how many houses you sold last year / month / week or how you are low on stock and desperately need properties in their area. They do not stick them on their fridge, just in case. They file them in the bin.

You want your agency filed in their head and consistently placing relevant information in front of them, where they hang out will do this allowing you to win more instructions.

To be honest, you have nothing to lose, only valuation opportunities and new instructions to gain.

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