Estate Agents: Is This a Touchy Subject?

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Last week I received an email from an estate agent which contained a very important question.

The agent simply asked me why I send emails to him, but never explain in those emails what my services are or how much I charge?

The emails he refers to are my newsletter which I send weekly on a Tuesday to agents who have expressed an interest in or have signed up to my content for estate agents service.

So, I thought I would explain that there’s a very good reason why I don’t ram my services down my subscribers throats every week. If I did, I’m pretty sure they would hit the unsubscribe link without hesitation.

Anyway, the reason I refrain from ‘selling’ within my emails is actually no closely guarded secret and it’s a reason that applies to every business, not just mine!

It’s touching!

By ‘touching’ (or prodding!) my subscribers every week with helpful, useful advice, tips and information I continue to firm up my place in their subconscious.

As loyal subscribers or members, it’s only natural that I would want to keep in touch with them, because I value their custom and I want to give them advice and make sure they are the first to know when I add new articles.

But I also know that if these subscribers require bespoke content in the future, perhaps for a newsletter or printed materials, they will think of me, and hopefully will call on my help.

They will think of me, because I have always been there, in the background, hovering. Not being pushy. Not selling anything to them. Just being nice and friendly, relaxed and helpful, keeping in touch.

And that’s the key. This can work for your estate agency too. 

You can use engaging, relevant content not only on your blog or social media platforms, but also in your weekly or monthly newsletters as a way of keeping in touch with your database of clients.

‘Touching’ them regularly like this ensures your brand is the one they will think of when they need you!

It’s honestly as simple as that.

And if you don’t know how to ‘touch’ your prospects and with what type of content, with my help, you will effortlessly be able to:

  • Showcase your property industry expertise.
  • Appear knowledgeable within your local community.
  • Become the ‘go-to’ estate agent in your location.
  • Be super visible to your target audience.
  • Have a supply of premium, fresh content at your fingertips 24/7.

And you:

  • Won’t have to spend time worrying about topics
  • Won’t have to do any research
  • Won’t have to actually write anything
  • Won’t have to edit or proofread anything

You’ll simply log in and choose the articles you want from our extensive library. A library which is continually growing with new articles added every month, and then add the articles to whichever medium you choose – your blog, social media, your newsletter or you can use them in your printed materials too.

You’ll get to choose which articles you want each month – you can choose four or eight depending on your subscription package – and I’ll even supply a copyright free image for you to use with your content so that it all looks great visually too.

Ultimately, you get to free up your valuable time and concentrate on doing what you do best. While I do what I do best.

It’s a win-win. Try my content service out for free right now!

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