Estate Agents: It’s not all about you!

When was the last time you learned a new word?

In fact, I’ll rephrase that, when was the last time you learned a new word and then actually used it as part of your vocabulary?

I’m guessing it’s been a while, because generally, in our day to day lives we don’t encounter new words all that often. If we do and we don’t know what they mean, we forget them.

As a writer and avid reader, I adore words, especially newly invented or weird ones that I just haven’t come across before, and this week I learned a cracker of a word – thank you, Giles Ellwood, of Homesearch – and I vowed to use it, with Giles’ blessing of course!

It was during a social media exchange that the word ‘egospam’ came up and I was delighted – it’s such a great word, with so much potential. It rolls off the tongue nicely, and I really think it suits these ‘hipster’ times we live in.

Just to put it into context, the ‘egospam’ thread referred to the number of estate agents who while trying to impress their target audience, fail to empathise with them. 

So, are you guilty of egospamming? You can find out by answering this easy question:

What makes your estate agency stand out?

A. Your amazing service

B. Your competitive fees

C. Your friendly, professional staff

D. Your industry awards for excellence

E. Your quality stock

F. All of the above

G. None of the above

If you answered A to F, I’m sorry to tell you that you are probably an egospammer. Your content is likely to centre around how fabulous you and your team of negotiators are. Perhaps you shout about how many properties you sold last week/month/year (delete as appropriate) and how many new instructions you’re adding by the minute. Maybe you post images of you posing with trophies and industry famous’s to show your credibility.

This is textbook egospamming

The trouble is, this type of content is boring. Not for you, granted. I get that. You’re proud of your achievements, and it’s natural to want to sing and dance about it, who wouldn’t.

The trouble is. It won’t actually bring you any clients.

You would think it should work. After all, don’t all home movers want to work with the best agent?

Of course, they do. But this strategy (and I use the term loosely) won’t work.

The reason?

People buy with their hearts, not their heads

Their heads are telling them to consider your data and facts and figures, but their hearts will always win the race.

Potential clients expect you to be the best as standard. By continually rattling off all these so-called ‘benefits’ on your website and within your content, you’re not telling your audience anything new, and you’re certainly not impressing them, being helpful or appealing to their hearts.

Giving value is vital

Telling your audience that you’ve got 37 awards for ‘best estate agent’ – while absolutely marvellous and I won’t hesitate in congratulating you myself  – will not automatically make those people choose you as their agent.

You need to win clients by popping up at the exact moment they are searching for the answers to their pressing property and home moving questions and appealing to their emotions.

How many times do you think your target audience will google: “which estate agent in London has the most awards?”

It’s just not going to happen

But how many times have you heard of someone googling “Home moving Checklist” or “How do I sell my house fast?’ or “How do I move home with my cat.”

Yes, these may seem like basic topics, and not very ‘corporate’ but these are precisely the type of issues your target audience are searching for answers to.

Answer these questions via your blog and social media and your target audience will not only find you more easily online, but they will also see you as helpful, as an expert, an authority on all things property. Importantly they are more likely to choose you as their agent because they trust you.

All you have to do is consistently publish content that is valuable to them. Content that they want to read and engage with.

There is honestly no big secret to this strategy. It’s just how it works.

So, please stop egospamming. The successful route to reach new clients is not all about you!

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