Estate Agents: Make Your Content Marketing a Mighty Tool

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The biggest business risk I took was when I ditched the direction my business had been going in for almost 15 years and chose to start a completely new business, from scratch.

It was either I choose to take the risk or choose to stay safe. Two reasonably straightforward options on the surface, I suppose. But staying safe would have involved winding up my original business and going to work for someone else.

That scenario filled me so much horror, I can’t even tell you!

For the previous 15 years, I had enjoyed the flexibility of running my own business, so there was no way I was going to be able to deal with being ’employed’ again.

So, I chose to get out of my comfort zone. What’s more, I decided to take the risk after just one short conversation over lunch with a friend (there wasn’t even any alcohol involved!).

That very same evening, I came up with the idea of Content For Estate Agents!

A couple of months later, my lunch friend gave me a huge hug and said:

“I admire you and respect you for taking an idea and running with it, rather than just talking about it, but never taking action.”

I hadn’t seen it that way myself even though I should have, as I have experienced procrastination at the highest level with another friend who consistently comes up with brilliant business concepts – all of which remain in his head. Not once has he ever moved forward with any of his plans.

He is simply too scared to take any kind of risk, and of course, that is totally understandable. I mean, to be honest, when I decided to create Content For Estate Agents, things were not all smooth sailing.

I already knew that a considerable amount of work was involved – I needed to build a complicated new members website, write vast amounts of content, understand the marketing that would be involved and then actually secure paying clients!

I spent a lot of time feeling really frightened, but I was determined to take the risk because I knew that the alternative option was to take a job that was simply a means to an end. 

So, I pushed forward. But what happened after that?

Well, a few things happened after I took this business risk.

  • I clarified that I alone am in charge of my destiny.
  • I realised that I needed to be pro-active every day.
  • I understood that attitude, belief and effort are hugely important. 
  • I learned that if you truly want something to work, you need patience.

Building a business and a positive reputation takes work, there’s no doubt about it. But there are so many influencing factors when it comes to marketing yourself and your business that it has the potential to become a completely overwhelming task.

And that’s precisely how I felt initially. Honestly, anyone can commission a nice logo design, get a website built, print pretty business cards. It’s attracting clients that is the critical part. And that’s daunting.

Even if your business is already established but needs to grow, working out how to do that is still a venture into the unknown.

We business owners always want to see instant results, don’t we?

After all, how are we to judge what part of our marketing is working for us otherwise?

Yet, some of the biggest wins can be achieved through long-term marketing strategies that aren’t so easy to monitor – like content marketing! A process that should be implemented straight away and then allowed to bob away in the background. But it does require your patience.

And that’s risky! Sinking some of your no-doubt already sparse budget into a strategy that may not bring you results for 3 months or so? It’s easy to see why you might not see content marketing as a priority. Not wanting to take a risk is one of the biggest head scramblers there is in business, which is precisely why so many companies fail to grow!

I took a risk and started my new venture entirely from scratch with a tiny budget and in record time, primarily using content marketing.

If I can chase after my goals and achieve a positive reputation in just 9 months, so can you!

I 100% practice what I preach. I engage via my weekly newsletter, create informative videos, post and engage on social media every day without fail and write a weekly blog post aimed at my target audience – that’s you!

I am a firm believer that all the good things in our lives start off with a tiny but mighty thought.

So the reason I shared this insight with you today is because I want you to know that building Content For Estate Agents into the successful service it is today took hard work, sweat, and tears.

I’m absolutely sure that you are putting the same amount of effort into the growth of your estate agency and you almost certainly took a risk when you made the initial decision to go into business.

So, today, please make your one mighty thought about your content marketing!

Do you see investing in quality content as a risk because it’s a long-term strategy and won’t bring you instantaneous results?

If investing in some help with your content marketing is a ‘risk’ that you haven’t taken yet, tell me why!

What will it take to make you get out of your comfort zone?

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