Estate Agents: What is the Value of Blog Content?


I was chatting with an estate agent based in the North of England last week about his blog which, in fairness, he does publish posts on…sporadically…when he has time…and when he can think of something to write about!

So, we were talking about the value of blog content and he said:

“But I published an article a couple of days ago, and no-one has commented on it, or even mentioned that they’ve seen it yet. People haven’t got time to read stuff.”

There was a bit of a tumbleweed moment that followed as I recovered from my silent scream, took a deep breath and prepared to explain.

Because, ummmm…sorry! When you publish a blog post what are you expecting? Are you anticipating the phone to be red hot, ringing off the hook with people calling to congratulate you on your journalistic quality writing skills and for providing them with interesting information?

That’s not going to happen.

Perhaps you are expecting a sudden flurry of new leads begging you to list their property?

That’s not going to happen either.

Here’s what will happen:

Once you’ve published your decent and relevant content, people, that’s your target audience, will see it, they will read it and in some part of their brain it will register that you have provided:

  • The solution to their problem
  • The answer to their question
  • A jolly interesting snippet of information

The same process will take place with the next blog post you publish.

And the next one.

And the next one.

This will be compounded when you link to your blog posts through your social media platforms and send an interesting newsletter to your database regularly.

It’s the three S’s!

By consistently publishing helpful, engaging content you slowly, secretly and subtly infiltrate the sub-conscious minds of your ideal clients.

Of course, they won’t realise this until they need you, and as if by magic, the name of your estate agency will spring to mind.

But they still won’t mention that they have seen your content.

Your target audience, whom you have been legally brain-washing for months with your blog posts, will simply call you up when they want to sell their property. Because they know you are pro-active in their location. You have become their expert and they know they can rely on you.

So, it doesn’t matter that your latest blog post didn’t get any comments. In the same way, it doesn’t matter that your social media posts only got two likes.

Just because your blog post wasn’t mentioned or commented on, doesn’t mean nobody saw it or was interested in it. Just because your social media post only got five likes doesn’t mean it’s only been seen by five people.

500 people might have viewed your content.

You are not going to get a nice little emoji selection or a telephone call from everyone who reads your words. In fact, it’s human nature to quietly hover in the background, watching, looking, listening, reading, hearing, waiting until we are ready to take action.

For your content to be truly effective in helping your estate agency grow, you must be consistent. That means you must:

With my help, a spare five minutes once or twice a week is all you need to meet that target effortlessly.

Content marketing is a long term strategy that deserves your attention because it ensures you stay visible permanently. The longer you keep putting it off, the more time you are wasting when you could be quietly working to build the reputation of your estate agency.

With the stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland we are experiencing a property mini-boom, but you should not let that lull you into a false sense of security.

Make hay but make your agency future-proof too.

P.S And my North of England prospect enlisted my help following our chat!

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