Five Technical Estate Agency SEO Factors You Should Know


How technical are you when it comes to your estate agency?

You may already be aware of how SEO works – the higher ranking a website achieves in the Google search engine results, the more site traffic it will get and, thus, the more leads and sales the site will receive. Yet, while most estate agents running a website understand the basics of search engine optimisation, they don’t always know the technical factors that are taken into account when ranking websites.

There are three main kinds of search engine optimisation:

  • Technical – improving a website’s technical aspects such as its crawlability, security, and speed.
  • Off-page – involves activities performed outside the website like link building.
  • On-page – optimisation of content through quality content creation and keyword research.

To ensure your search engine ranking is boosted to the max, you have to make sure that all SEO techniques are performed accordingly. Sounds complicated? It’s not – it just comes down to these five technical estate agency SEO factors you must bear in mind.

1. The Speed Of Your Website

Modern internet users are impatient. They don’t want to wait for answers, and if your site can’t give them what they need quickly, they’ll go elsewhere to get the information they seek. Google doesn’t rank web pages that open too slowly.

2. The Security Of Your Website

Google has been using HTTPS as one of its ranking signals since 2014, and that means that sites that have HTTPS encryption get a boost in their ranking. When HTTPS is enabled, all sensitive information is encrypted, so it’s unable to be decrypted or read by hackers. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your site’s SSL certificate is active and that your site will only open with HTTPS.

3. The Mobile-Friendliness Of Your Website

Mobile-friendly websites display correctly on mobile devices including tablets, iPads, Android smartphones, and iPhones. Google now operates a mobile-first algorithm when ranking websites, so it’s important to ensure that your site is fully streamlined for the best possible user experience regardless of the type of device they’re using.

4. The Crawlability Of Your Website

Optimising your site can be a time-consuming task, and if the search engines aren’t able to discover the content you publish, you’ve wasted your time. Site crawlability, therefore, represents a key technical SEO factor. Google’s bots regularly crawl the internet to discover fresh content. Whenever one of the bots finds a new website, it scans it, reviews it, and stores its data so it can understand the content of the page and how the site should rank. Submitting your website to the Google Search Console is the best way to simplify the process for Google’s bots, and setting up the robots.txt file will tell the search engines the pages they should ignore and the ones they should crawl.

5. Image Alt Text

This HTML attribute is used primarily as another way of describing images. Many newcomers to SEO are unfamiliar with alt-text, but it’s still an essential SEO practice. Alt text describes an image to boost accessibility for visitors who cannot see them. Not only that, but it also aids search engine bots and boosts SEO. If you fail to set the alt attributes for your images, your site is hard for browsers and screen readers to interpret. That means anybody with visual impairments will have a poor user experience on your website. Make sure you’ve set alt text that is descriptive and clear for all website images.

The Non-Technical Aspects Of SEO For Estate Agents

Getting the technical SEO basics right is imperative for estate agents trying to ensure their website ranks as highly as possible, but it’s important not to forget the importance of on-page SEO. High-quality content is vital for the success of your agency website – and that’s where we can help!

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