How Do People Find Estate Agents? Why Your Online Presence Is So Important

How do people find estate agents

Lead generation is always important for estate agents. And word-of-mouth has consistently been a great way to find new leads. But more people are turning to the internet to find an estate agent. And your online presence speaks volumes!

If you’re wondering how to give your virtual lead generation strategies a boost, here’s how to create an online presence that converts.

How Do People Find Estate Agents?

There are three key ways that people are finding (and choosing) an estate agent and that means your online presence is more important than ever. That includes:

  • Searching online: People use the internet to find almost anything, estate agents included!
  • Checking your expertise: Sellers want estate agents that are experts, so they’re checking your local area knowledge and expertise in the property industry.
  • Browsing your socials: New leads want to see your human side and how you sell on social media, so they’re browsing your accounts before choosing you.
How to Build a Solid Online Presence
1.   Show Your Expertise

If people want to see your expertise, show them it! Create blog content and social media posts that are centred on the property industry and contain tips, tricks and advice on how to sell, buy or rent a home. It will demonstrate your expertise to visitors.

2.   Post Content Regularly

If you’re not on top of your blog or social media marketing, it can say a lot about your agency. Not posting on social media can indicate that you’re not interested in modern-marketing methods – even if the opposite is true. And having a blog that isn’t up to date can make people think you’re too busy to work with them.

Make your online presence solid by posting fresh content to your blog and social media regularly. It’ll help you gain new clients and keep search engines happy!

3.   Have Local Area Guides

Local area guides are a brilliant way of demonstrating how well you know the town, city or village you work in. A well-researched, easy-to-read guide on your website shows sellers that you know exactly how to market their property and its local amenities to potential buyers.

4.   Be Searchable

Since people are finding estate agents online, your website needs to be searchable! That means having a search engine optimised blog and creating new content regularly. By writing things people want to read and consistently posting new content to your blog, search engines are more likely to send new leads your way.

Need Help With Your Online Presence?

Getting your online presence right is one of the most important ways to market your business in today’s world. But we know that it takes time you may not have. If you need help with your online presence, let us know!

At Content For Estate Agents, we can create local area guides, expert e-guides and high-quality blog content for your website.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or check out our available packages now.

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