How do You Promote an Estate Agent?

If this was a perfect world and all your estate agency marketing ideas worked as you thought they would, you would win instructions and sell houses simply by listing all the good stuff about your agency and your properties on your website, blog and social media platforms.

You know the type of thing I’m talking about:

  • You offer free valuations
  • You produce a brochure with a floorplan and photographs
  • You show prospective buyers around
  • You deal with offers
  • You progress the sale
  • You’ve got a database of waiting buyers

And so on.

You’re marketing your services and trying to promote your estate agency, right?

So, people need to know how successful you are, what an amazing estate agent you are and the great way in which your business works.

Who wouldn’t want to know this stuff?

You can help everyone from first time buyers looking for new properties to potential customers who could be in the market for a second home, new build, upsizing, downsizing – you name it, you’ve got the service for them!

Theoretically, there should be a massive number of people clamouring for your help in selling their homes, all influenced by all the amazing stuff you can do for them because you are one of the best around!

The trouble is this all sounds great, but this strategy doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, not one of these things are unique selling points. Every other estate agents offers exactly the same. So, to put it bluntly, it’s not really very impressive, nor a good idea.

Why would a vendor use your agency over your competitor?

  • It won’t be because you might produce glossier sales particulars.
  • Or because you offer ‘free’ valuations (are there any other type?)
  • Not because you use a professional photographer.
  • Not even because you will handle offers and the property sale.

These are all standard services. Nothing sets you apart. And the trust that’s needed between a vendor and their estate agent is not something that you’ll find in an age-old, tired-out list of ‘features’ like this that every other agent is touting!

But there is a clever way to attract and win new instructions, target new landlords, new tenants and motivated buyers.

Tell your target audience exactly what’s in it for them

Instead of rattling off a list of your ‘services’, give them the benefits – because honestly, most people are only interested in what they will get out of something.

Once you stop being sales orientated and instead become the local oracle, then your audience will trust you. And then they will become your clients.

So, as a local business name, you need to show your expertise.

Create content about topics that are of interest to your ideal client and then indirectly hook them into believing that you are the authority in your area – because of course, you are. This promotes brand awareness and your name will be remembered.

For example;

  • What’s on in the community
  • Local area information
  • Property prices
  • Home interiors, property and style
  • Working from home
  • Home schooling and children
  • Moving home with pets
  • Staying healthy

But there’s more.

When you create content, don’t just write blog posts on your website with a million messages included, that’s just confusing for everyone, it’s not a marketing strategy and it won’t instil trust.

Instead, create one really juicy, high quality, piece of content on one very specific topic each week – tips, tricks, ideas, hints, how to’s – and then feed it to your audience so that you are constantly dripping information into their laps.

Publish useful, engaging information. Consistently. Forever!

This will help you start to become an authority online. Whether you share content through Facebook, your blog, Instagram or Twitter, remember that you’re not selling. You don’t need or want to do that. Real estate agents shouldn’t have to sell their services! Simply keep your reader in mind and supply thoughtful content regularly.

Two more marketing tips:

  • Post your blog page content to google my business – the Google search engine will love it!
  • Use your blog post in your email marketing as free information to make sure your database of clients get to stay in touch with you regularly.

Benefits are the way to get into the hearts of your target audience!

For help with your content book a call with me to find out more!

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