How Estate Agents Can Advertise Local Area Guides

For a buyer, an easy-to-read snapshot of the local area is one of the most prized possessions. A well-researched guide can save precious time and has the power to completely overhaul someone’s perspective of an area.

If you’ve recently purchased a set of local area guides, or you’re thinking about creating some for your estate agency, here are five ways you can use them to maximise their potential.

1. On Your Website

Having local area guides on your website is one of the best places they can be. Business is increasingly carried out online, with many estate agents prioritising high-quality blog content and search engine optimisation over any other marketing strategies.

Make your local area guides as visible as possible on your website, especially on the listing pages. They can help keep people on your site (rather than leaving to research the area elsewhere) and they make you look like a local expert.

2. In Email Marketing

Email marketing has had huge success in boosting conversions. Your subscribers signed up because they had an interest in your agency. That’s why they’re more likely to purchase your services than anyone elses. It’s important to look after those people and send them helpful, relevant content consistently.

To keep your emails fresh and clickable, send them copies of your local area guides every time there’s an update. It could convince a prospective seller that you’re the best person for the job. If some of your subscribers have signed up to receive alerts on listings in certain zones, add a link to the area guide every time. It could be the deciding factor for them getting in touch with you.

3. On Leaflets or in E-Magazines

If you’re targeting buyers in certain zones with flyers, this is a great opportunity to advertise your local area guides. When you’re sending buyers the latest listings, add a call to action that encourages them to check out your guide online.

Similarly, you can reference or even add your entire area guide to your e-magazines. They make for great, readable content that prospective buyers and developers will love.

4. On Social Media

If you’re struggling with ideas for your social media posts, your local area guides can be a great source of content.

You can take snippets of text – for example, the local school ratings – or screenshots of the guides – like a snapshot of transport links – to attract people to browse your listings.

5. In Telephone Marketing

Another way of promoting your local area guides is to make sure your team promote them at any given opportunity and that includes verbally.

A prospective client reading your guides can solidify your agency as the expert with sellers, and could convince a buyer that a home they’re thinking about is right for them.

Don’t have any local area guides yet?

We can help! We can create a fully branded, expert local area guide for your estate agency. We do all the research and design to produce a visual guide that you can advertise anywhere.

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