How to Attract And Win Over Landlords With Your Estate Agency or Letting Agency Website

Estate Agents: How To Attract and Win Over landlords With Your Website

All year round, landlords scour the web for advice about how to manage their property and tenants. From asking questions about what insurance they need, to what the best marketing tactics are to gain high-quality tenants, many landlords look to local letting agents to find the intelligence they need.

The fact that landlords are online is a goldmine for letting agents. It allows you to attract new leads to your website and win them over so they use your property management services.

If you want to attract more landlords to your letting agent website, here are three crucial things you need to start doing.

1. Start a Blog

When you think about what landlords want, it boils down to two main things – finding good tenants and getting advice on how to manage their property in the best, most economical way.

To do these things, most landlords turn to the internet to find the answers they need. That’s why starting a blog with search engine optimised content that provides helpful advice is critical if you want to attract more landlords.

If you can find the right keywords and produce high-quality content online, you can create a steady stream of new landlords enquiring about your services in your sleep!

2. Create a Targeted Newsletter

Did you know that more than 80%[1] of small businesses rely on their email lists as their primary source of gaining new leads?

The thought of creating (and managing) a newsletter often fills letting agents with a sense of dread. Most of the time, newsletters are seen as ‘optional’, ‘nice-to-haves’ for any website. But if you want to market your letting agency to attract more landlords, having a newsletter should be a top priority!

Since around 70%[2] of people that visit your website never return, getting a landlord (who visited to gain a few tips) on your email list gives you a much better chance of gaining their business in the future.

While newsletters seem difficult to maintain, it’s easy to repurpose your blog content into a helpful email that’s worth opening. And if you don’t know how to create search engine optimised content, you can always hire a content writer.

3. Have a Freebie Giveaway

As we’ve mentioned, having email subscribers is a powerful way of gaining new leads and growing your audience. But simply asking a landlord to subscribe to your newsletter isn’t always going to cut it.

Since landlords often browse the web hunting for advice on managing their property, they’ll likely jump at the chance to grab a free e-guide that has been created by an expert letting agent.

If you want to win more landlords through email sign-ups, offering a freebie e-guide is one of the best marketing tactics there is. Because once they are on your email list, they are much more likely to become a client in the future!

Get in touch with us today to enquire about our bespoke e-guide writing services for winning new landlords.

Got the Tips, Need the Resources?

If you know what you need to do to attract more landlords to your letting agency but need the resources, Content For Estate Agents can help! We provide expert blog content for landlords and tailored e-guides to encourage more newsletter sign-ups.

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