How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

Creating and implementing an effective estate agency content strategy is crucial to achieving marketing success, but to obtain maximum ROI it’s essential for that content strategy to have multiple facets.

One avenue you should consider exploring is influencer marketing.

Most people have heard the term “influencer” these days, but you may not have thought about harnessing the power of influencers when it comes to raising awareness of your estate agent brand.

If you can get the support of a social media and brand messaging expert for your real estate marketing campaign, you can reap a host of benefits.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Influencer marketing centres around content, technology, and collaboration. If you already create engaging content for your estate agency blog, collaborating with the right influencer to develop an effective social media campaign can extend your reach online, driving up traffic to your website.

When you work in partnership with a popular influencer, they can share the social media and blog posts that you create with their followers who may then, in turn, subscribe to your site and, hopefully, become paying clients in the future.

The key, of course, is to find the most appropriate influencer to partner with!

How Can I Find The Right Influencer?

The first consideration when looking for the right influencer is to consider your marketing objectives.

  • Are you hoping to attract more Millennials to your brand?
  • Perhaps you’re targeting a family market?
  • Maybe you’re hoping to engage with individuals interested in property investment?

Once you’ve determined the audience you want to reach, you need to seek out popular influencers who are known for having a high number of followers within your chosen demographic.

It makes sense to look for influencers on social media platforms, but don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself solely to influencers within the estate agency niche. A good place to begin looking is amongst influencers within your local area.

Here’s what to do:

  • Begin by browsing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • When you’ve found suitable potential influencers follow them and add them to your network, setting alerts so you receive a notification whenever they post new content.
  • Regularly comment on the posts they publish so you can build up a relationship.
  • Share and repost their content within your own circles.
  • If they host local events, attend those events and meet the influencer in person.
  • Offer them an interview with a feature on your estate agency blog.
  • After the interview, work together to promote it.

Following this strategy will help you gain insights into each other’s brands, build up a rapport, and begin to share solutions to increase organic traffic.

What Kind Of Estate Agent Content Should I Share With An Influencer?

Many kinds of content can be shared online to build up organic traffic, however, building relationships requires you always to put the audience first. That means you need to understand precisely what your audience wants to see and finds valuable. You may need to try out a range of ideas while measuring each one’s engagement to determine this.

Some ideas for content you may wish to implement in an influencer campaign include:

  • Information about new-build developments in the local area.
  • Local market reports.
  • Video interviews with local professionals and business owners.
  • Product reviews aimed at homeowners.
  • Live-streamed local events.
  • Promotional offers from local professionals and businesses.
  • Lead magnets like eguides and area guides to help buyers and homeowners.

No matter what type of content you’re sharing in this way, here are some expert tips for best practice:

  • Be transparent and clear about all sponsored content featured on your site or your social media.
  • Share content which adds value rather than exclusively promoting your property listings.
  • Target niche audiences rather than trying to appeal to everybody.
  • Consider partnering with micro-influencers when running hyper-local campaigns.
  • Tracking and measuring results is essential to determine ROI so you can improve your future campaigns.

Of course, it’s crucial to be sure your content is worth sharing in the first place before you can successfully partner with an influencer! Professionally-written, high-quality content for estate agents is the best way to get your brand noticed and widen your reach.

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