How to be the best estate agent in your town

Everyone wants to be the best agent in town, right? But what makes you the best?

  • Is it having the most boards?
  • Or the lowest fees?
  • Giving the highest valuation?
  • Or perhaps the most followers on social media?

The truth is it’s none of these things.

The way to be known as the best agent in town is to have rave reviews from real-life clients that have used your agency and had a fantastic experience.

After all, it is the homeowners in your town, that may move in the future, that you need to impress. These people are not likely to think you are the best just because you have the most boards around town. And being the biggest, or the agency that says they can achieve the highest price for a home is not necessarily the ‘best’ agency in their opinion either.

So how can you be seen as the best, by the people that really matter, the potential future sellers?

1. Be seen to look after your customers

Your reputation precedes you, so make sure that you are known for going above and beyond for your sellers. And don’t forget your buyers too.

“Today’s buyers are tomorrow’s sellers”, as they say.

Looking after your customers when things get stressful is the number one way to gain a reputation for making a difference in the moving experience. Do this well and your clients will rave about how much you have helped them.

2. Do what you say you are going to do!

The main gripe from homemovers is usually about communication. Don’t leave an email unanswered and if you say you are going to call someone back make sure that you actually do! There is nothing more irritating than waiting for feedback on a viewing, or waiting for a call that never comes.

3. Show that you are there to help – and solve a problem.

Moving is a huge deal for most people, and something that is generally only done a few times in a lifetime. Use your marketing to show how you help buyers and sellers navigate through this tricky process to get the best outcome for them.

By explaining elements of the services that you offer, and why they are important, you can show how you help people move, and how that makes your agency different to all the others.

On average a homeowner will have three agents appraise their property, so you need to make sure that your agency is on that list. Showing that you can help navigate an often difficult process that is unfamiliar to them, rather than just sticking the property online and charging a big commission, will encourage them to choose your agency over your competitors.

4. Show your expert knowledge

Publishing regular informative content will show that you are an expert in your industry. If there is an issue with their transaction, the seller will know that you are capable of handling it for them. The more consistent you are with this, the better as homemovers will start to feel as though they ‘know’ you long before they even meet you, so make sure you keep adding new content weekly – there’s plenty to choose from in the article library!

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5. Be part of the community

Half the battle when choosing a new home is deciding on a location, so there is the opportunity for you to act as a kind of tourist information service. It’s important to show that you have a passion for your town. Get involved in the community, champion local businesses and go to networking events. This is beneficial in two ways. Not only are you promoting your brand within the community, but you are also networking with the local population who already live on your patch. So, when they come to sell they will remember you as the reputable agent.

The goal here is to have potential sellers in your local area ‘know’ that you are the best option for them when the time comes to move home.

In many cases, sellers already have an idea of which agent they are going to use to sell their home before they actually have the appraisals. The appointment is more of a formality for them because they feel they should have three agents’ opinions, so by following these points you are laying the groundwork before the appraisal appointment is made, to ensure that homeowners already view you as the best option!

How many of these things are you already doing to help your agency become the best in your town?

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