How to Get Social Media Followers for Your Estate Agency: 4 Top Tips

These days, no business can succeed in the competitive online marketplace without a strong social media presence. Companies from retailers to service providers are all looking for better ways to harness the power of social media platforms and quality content to make their marketing campaigns more successful and to attract more followers to their brand.

Lead generation is an increasingly important part of any estate agents marketing strategy. Reaching out to potential clients and encouraging them to make contact couldn’t be more essential as real estate agents strive to compete against the others in their local area for buyers and sellers. A great way to do this is to write a blog and use social media to raise brand awareness, to provide would-be clients with the information and advice that they seek, and thus to improve the profile of their agency brand.

With this in mind, countless estate agents all over the country, both online and high street, are working hard on developing effective marketing strategies that allow them to enhance their social media presence. By using Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing outlets, they can get more followers, attract more interested people to their websites and, most importantly, increase their number of customers.

While this all may sound simple, in fact, using advertising strategies like these to gain leads and achieve better audience engagement isn’t as easy as it looks. So, here are four free tips on how to build your followers that can help your real estate brand to achieve greater success.

1. Move With The Times

In the past, ads were the only way to go when promoting a business within the properties industry. However, consumers started to get sick of constantly looking at promotional material every time they picked up their mobile device and started browsing. So a change came into play. Out went the old-school style adverts, and in came inbound marketing strategies to get more website visitors and get more estate agency clients on board.

Firms of all kinds, including agencies, began to realise that they needed to attract followers who would become loyal to them and the services they could offer. They began to find new ways to do this, for example, by writing interesting articles and e-guides, releasing tutorial videos and creating visually appealing infographics that attract social media attention and, in turn, attract estate agency clients to visit their sites.

If your agency is yet to follow this course of action, it’s time to follow suit, and here we’ll lay out how it’s done.

2. Develop More Human Social Media Presence

To attract more social media visitors to any brand, a human connection is necessary. People head to their accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to browse videos, photos, images and articles when they feel bored or lonely. They want to engage with family and friends, find out about the latest news and events, be entertained and find inspiration. That means that you have to find a social media strategy that has a more human face.

Agents that have a more corporate outlook in their posts will fail at the first hurdle. So you need a social strategy that’s more human than corporate. Being human is about being real and personal. It’s about engaging with your followers as people rather than targets for your next real estate agent promotional campaign to really hit the spot.

How can you achieve this goal? The key is to make your audience see the human face behind the scenes of your real estate business. Make them see through your Instagram, Facebook and blog posts that you’re a team of real people who understand the various problems that buyers and sellers face in today’s property market. Rather than giving potential customers the hard sell to promote your business as the best real estate company for your local community, you should instead work towards engagement with audiences on a more personalised level.

Forget ads – you can create more Facebook and attract more website followers by giving your opinion on property issues, posting about local points of interest via area guides, sharing details of local businesses, and giving an insight into the inner workings of your company and the people who work for it. By showing your human side, you could make a huge positive difference in how the public perceives your company.

3. Real Estate Agents Should Share Valuable Content

There is still a misconception that to advertise your company you need to spend a lot of money. In fact, that’s no longer the case. You can get a lot of free advertising by simply targeting sellers and seekers of properties with posts on your Facebook and Instagram pages that give them the relevant information they’re looking for. How does this work?

When prospective clients carry out a Google search for house buying or selling advice, your agent Facebook page or agent website is the first internet platform that they encounter. Not only will this supply them with the answers to their search on Google, but it could also keep your details fresh in their minds as an example of professional property experts. Later on, when they’re looking for local property businesses, they will immediately return to your channels and consider using your services.

Not only will this create followership for your site by enabling you to attract more estate agency visitors to your site, but it will also give you a valuable free marketing boost. When you attract more Facebook and Instagram followers, you’ll usually get more blog visitors, which will attract more overall website visits. Your company will become well-established as a trusted and reliable source of industry information.

People who find your posts informative and helpful are more likely to share them on their social media account. Whether you are posting a video, an image, or a simple post, if your target market finds your post interesting, they’ll be likely to repost it or use your hashtags so their contacts can see it. This provides a valuable link back to your channels and thus enables you to get followers that you may otherwise have been unable to attract.

What kind of posts are considered valuable? Essentially, effective social media marketing can be achieved by creating any post that is fascinating, funny, inspiring, relevant and engaging. That could be a written post, a video, images like infographics or photographs – in short, anything that piques the audience’s interest and leaves them wanting more. Give them something they want to see, and your hashtags and posts will certainly reach a much broader spectrum of people.

4. Reply To Comments

To get more bang for your social media buck, you need to not only create followers for estate agency sites, but you also need to engage with them. When someone comments on your videos or postings, you need to respond. Humans want to interact with other humans, and when you reply to something a follower has written, they can see that there are people behind the business.

Responding means admitting fault if there are criticisms and publicly trying to rectify any wrongs. It also means thanking people for taking the time to comment. At the most basic level, it simply means showing visitors to your page that you’re listening and that you’re eager to please.

Getting Your Content Right

All of the above is important, but it won’t work as an effective strategy unless your content is high quality and worth sharing. That’s the trick to success, and we can help. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can work with you to generate content that your audience will want to read and view and start to bring in more followers straight away.

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