How to Keep Your Blog up to Date

As a busy business owner, it’s likely that keeping your blog or news page up to date is one of those tasks that you know you should be on top of, but sadly gets relegated to the bottom of the pile time after time. And you are not alone!

Content marketing using your blog or news page is one of the most important methods of driving new and regular traffic to your website and should be part of your marketing strategy as a whole. Yet for many, after a strong start and regular posts being uploaded for a few weeks or months, the regularity of your posts, and your enthusiasm, starts to dwindle and any loyal followers you have built up will be lost as there is no longer a reason for them to keep coming back to your website.

Look, your visitors won’t expect to see a new post as often as once a day, but most people who land on your blog page will expect your content to be fresh, relevant and updated weekly at least. In fact, industry standards currently dictate that to really be on top of your game you should aim to update your news page twice per week if possible – so around eight times per month.

Yes – that’s a fair amount of content you will need to produce! So, to help you, this article will discuss some easy methods for keeping your blog or news page up to date.

Find Time to Post Weekly

First up it’s important you decide to commit. You should understand that by using content marketing wisely you can build your reputation and show your business as being the experts in your industry and location, all the while driving traffic to your products or services on an on-going basis.

So, you’ll need to allocate some time to ensure your content remains up to date. Schedule time to create and post your new content on a weekly basis. This is especially important when your readers begin to expect new posts several times per week. For you it might be a Monday morning so that you’re prepared for the current week ahead, or it could be a Friday afternoon so that you’re ready to go on Monday morning.   

Businesses who allocate a specific block of time each week to content marketing and all that it entails, including researching, writing and publishing content are more likely to have a successful news or blog page which is of interest to potential customers. There’s nothing worse than landing on a blog or news page…and finding no information, or worse still, information that has not been updated for months.

For potential customers, this is a definite turn-off because it can give off ‘can’t be bothered’ vibes.

Take Advantage of Publishing Tools

There are specific tools available which will enable you to create and upload your website content in advance and schedule it to appear on a specific date. This is usually an option built into your website back office – for example WordPress allows you to schedule ahead of time, right down to a specific hour and minute. This is an excellent feature for businesses who want to publish new news or blog posts regularly but are unable to dedicate time every day to writing and uploading new content. By scheduling ahead, you can dedicate a block of time each week to create your content, schedule everything and have the posts published throughout the week. This is often an easier method for many businesses because you are able to be more efficient with your time this way.

For example, you might spend Monday morning creating two new blog posts and then upload them both to your website, scheduled for later in the week – job done.

Hire a Guest Blogger

You may also want to consider hiring a guest writer to assist you in keeping your news page up to date. This can be a worthwhile method for businesses who are interested in providing readers with a little variety. However, consider who you choose to guest on your news page or blog as the content must remain relevant and be of interest to your readers, rather than being solely the self-promotion of your guest writer!

Contact other businesses that complement your industry or niche and discuss the provision of content from them. This way, they get to promote their business and expertise whilst you achieve extra, relevant content for your website. If your guest writer is particularly influential then this can help push even more traffic to your website.

Use a Content Creator

A content creator is a professional writer who will research, create, edit and proofread your blog or news page content for you, for a fee. There are loads of freelance content creators in the UK who will provide fresh, engaging and relevant content for your business on a regular basis.

The advantage of this method is that it effectively takes the whole task of content marketing away from you, freeing up your time to run your business. All you need to do is wait for your content to be fulfilled and then upload your articles to your website on a weekly basis – easy!

If you are a business and would like to keep your blog or news page regularly up to date with no effort required, contact us.

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