How to Make Your Content Stand Out As An Estate Agent

Wanting to stand out from the crowd isn’t a new concept for estate agents. Since high streets are often lined with offices, finding ways to make yours stand out has always been important.

With more estate agents pushing content marketing to gain new leads through online traffic, making your online presence stand out is just as important as it is with your high street office.

If you want to make your content stand out as an estate agent, here are three top tips on how to create a successful blog that gets you noticed.

1. Be Consistent

The most important thing you can do to stand out from the crowd is to be consistent. Make sure you maintain a similar tone of voice and layout in all your blog posts. By keeping things consistent, you’ll make it easier for people to recognise your brand voice. Plus, if a lead likes the way your article reads, they’re more likely to keep browsing your site.

Being consistent in other ways is important too, like keeping your topics relevant to one another and maintaining a consistent publishing schedule. It’s possible to build a large following on your blog, so keeping the topics related and having a regular posting schedule is important. It’ll also help with SEO (search engine optimisation).

2. Keep It Scannable

As many estate agents know, people are busy! Even when new leads search the web in their free time, they still don’t want to waste it reading something unhelpful or unrelated.

While it may sound counterproductive to help people scan your content rather than read it in full, having scannable content can help keep people on your blog. This is because many people scan a blog post to see if it’s relevant before going back and reading it in full. If a new lead can easily see that your blog post is helpful to them, they’re more likely to stick around on your site.

3. Include Your Location

Having your location in your blog content is absolutely crucial for estate agents. It can help you rank for local keywords (which are phrases people search on the web) and find leads that are either in your area or are looking for a local estate agent.

Plus, people looking for a home in a particular location will be more likely to read your localised blog post rather than a generic one. As long as you have a good call to action at the end that leads potential buyers to your listings, you are more likely to get eyes on your properties – and make a sale.

Need More Content?

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