How to Turn One Blog Post into 7 Social Media Posts!

As you know, marketing is a huge part of business and the recommendation is that to get the maximum reach from your social media, you should be posting to all your platforms, multiple times, every single day. Now that’s a full-time job in itself!

This is largely due to the (mostly secret) algorithms that social media platforms use. They are configured to only show content to the top viewers on your page, meaning that your posts are likely only actually being viewed by a small percentage of your followers at any one time.

So, by posting multiple times, every single day you are aiming to have your posts seen by more of your followers. A snowball effect happens, and the algorithms will start to show your posts to more of your followers if your content is being viewed and getting engagement.

So, posting regular, informative and engaging content is absolutely vital.

As estate agents, I appreciate that you are already super busy, so how on earth can you even start to think about posting multiple times every day?

  • You could spend all your own time creating original content to post each day but that’s not the most effective use of your time. You’re an estate agent not a content marketing expert!
  • Perhaps you could employ a full-time marketing person to work in your agency and write and post all your content for you? This is a more sensible option; however, this means the expense of another salary. Can your agency afford this?
  • A third option is to ask your office junior to blog weekly and post on social media every day. Young people are great with that kind of thing, aren’t they? Yes and no! Choose wisely or you may find that the correct impression for your agency is not filtering through to your target audience. Do you want the branding and reputation of your agency in the hands of an office junior?

So just how can you keep on top of your social media while also doing valuations, conducting viewings, negotiating offers and running your agency?

The key is to work smarter with the content that you already have access to.

Once you have your initial content (a blog post for example) you can repurpose it in a variety of different ways.

So many people tell me that they will literally stare at a blank screen for hours, not knowing what to post on their blog or social media pages, and I totally understand this. It’s frustrating and so it’s no wonder you give up.

But how do you repurpose?

One of my favourite ways to repurpose a blogpost is to publish the content in snippets of information, spread across a few days. This is especially effective with blogposts that have a title such as ‘7 top tips…’ for example.

  • Publish one tip each day, then at the end of the week you can publish the full article on your blog and link to it from your social media channels.
  • Each snippet/tip can be made into a colourful graphic that is in-keeping with your company branding. It’s super simple for someone to scroll through their social media and read a graphic quickly, and it will grab the attention of your reader, bringing your page more engagement.
  • Once you have your graphics made, you can schedule the posts to go live each day so that you are not having to manually post your content.

Making the graphics is even relatively easy as there are several websites that provide free graphic creation such as Canva. The software lets you easily design, add fonts, colours and resize using drag and drop so it’s super easy to use. You don’t need to be a graphic designer and by inputting the exact colours for your agency, uploading your logo and a striking image to be used if you like, you can make sure each graphic is reinforcing your company branding, so that it is instantly recognisable in everyone’s newsfeed.

Not only does this method turn one blog post into at least seven social media posts, it will also break up the feed on your social media with colourful, useful information, making a change from the usual property listings that so many agents post.

The use of colourful graphics and engaging content like this will grab the attention of your followers and encourage awareness, ultimately helping you get more leads!

And all you need is one blog post per week to get started! With our content library of blog posts, you can select your blogs for a whole month and then repurpose them to really get the most value from that initial piece of content.

And that’s how to turn one blog post into seven social media posts!

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