“If content marketing is so great, why isn’t every estate agent doing it?”


So, the telephone conversation went something like this:

Estate Agent: “With the property market coming back to life, I need to attract more people to my agency.”

Me: “Great. I can help with that. What’s your current strategy?”

Estate Agent: “Strategy? Erm…well, I’m on all the portals obviously. Right Move, Zoopla and so on, and I post my market share figures on my social media accounts a few times a month so that people know that we’re the best in the business. Oh, and, I do door drops, not at the moment obviously, what with the coronavirus, but I’ll get back to doing that again soon.”

Me: “Ok, anything else?. I see you have a blog, but you haven’t posted anything since November 2018. What’s the reason for that?”

Estate Agent: “Oh, my blog. Yeaaaaahhhhh. I just haven’t got around to it. I know, I know! I should keep it up to date with news and stuff, but I haven’t got time and to be honest, I’m not a great writer anyway. It’s one of those things – it’s on my list of things to do.”

Me: “Mmmmm. So, tell me, how much does it cost you approximately to list on all the property portals per month?”

Estate Agent: “Ooooh, quite a lot. Thousands – but we need to show up there because that’s where home movers hang out obviously.”

Me: “Well, actually, it’s just one of the places your target audience hangs out. Imagine, if when your prime audience reaches those portals, your agency is already branded into their minds and subconsciously they are already considering calling you for a market appraisal?”

Estate Agent: “Well, that would be great, obviously.”

Me: “Ok. So, here’s what you do…”

Update your blog.

Consistently – once or twice a week.

With engaging content.”

Estate Agent: “It’s that simple?”

Me: “It actually is. But first, you need to get over the snag.”

Estate Agent: “There’s a snag?”

Me: “Yes. You’ll need to unthink everything you have previously learned about marketing your estate agency! Stop telling everyone how fantastic your agency is and instead give them the solutions to their home moving problems.

Estate Agent: “But how will people know how good we are at selling houses if we don’t quote our figures and give them data?”

Me: “To be quite honest, they are not interested in your data. It holds no value for them.

Estate Agent: “Oh.”

Me: “Posting content on your blog works because it’s subliminal, rather than shouting from the rooftops about your existence and importance. There’s no sales pitch, you just demonstrate value to convince your audience that you are the expert agent in your area and that you should be the one they choose when they need you. It’s all about building a reputation. The point is that you are not pitching for business. Instead, you are offering engaging, entertaining or educational content to your target audience.”

Estate Agent: “But how will that help me generate leads and instructions?”

Me: “Well, by sharing interesting, informative information on subjects that home movers are interested in, you will be able to direct traffic straight to your website. There, you will get the chance to demonstrate value. Once you do that, a percentage of those readers will register for property updates or contact you, depending on the call to action in your posts, giving you solid leads which you will help you gain long-term clients.”

Estate Agent: “But, I still don’t have time to write all those interesting articles.”

Me: “No, you don’t. You need to focus on doing what you do best and leave the rest to me!”

Estate Agent: “Hmmm…this sounds expensive…?”

I have conversations similar to this every week, and so I know that there are two reasons why so many estate agents are not on top of their content marketing game.

1. Knowledge

2. Cost.

Something is simple when you know how to do it, but content marketing can be hard to stay on top of. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll need a professional which comes at a cost and if you do know how to do it, you’ll need to set aside regular time to do it!

Unless you do it the smart way!

Imagine if you only needed to generate less than one sale per year to cover the cost of a constant supply of content containing the information that your potential clients are searching for.

One sale and your whole years worth of content has more than paid for itself while you’re demonstrating your expertise and placing your agency as the “go-to” expert in your potential clients’ minds.

This is within your reach!   

If you want to implement a successful content marketing strategy into your estate agency business providing valuable information to your target audience resulting in a trusting relationship and ultimately leading them to make a purchase, you must do one thing…

Update your blog regularly.

That is all!

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