Introducing An Additional Service: Content For Mortgage Advisors

Content For Mortgage Advisors

Well, yesterday! What can I say…

What a day to be alive!

After months of hard work, yesterday we were finally able to launch our additional content service. You may have seen our cryptic social media posts over the past week or so, and now all has been revealed and Content For Mortgage Advisors has arrived!  

Why am I telling you this? Well, as a property professional you’ll understand why we wanted to give independent mortgage advisors the same premium service that we offer to estate and letting agents.

We won’t be neglecting you, don’t worry! Our additional content on subscription service will run alongside our original service.

The property industry, as you know, is a busy one, and like you, mortgage advisors have a million tasks to complete, paperwork to organise and clients to service. Having a CeMap qualified mortgage advisor in the family in the shape of my husband has guaranteed that I’ve real insights into this!


We have already seen huge success with our Content for Estate Agents subscription service, and after regular requests for mortgage-based content from independent mortgage advisors, we decided to create Content For Mortgage Advisors to feed the demand.

With more than 17 years of running a business, we know that there are times when as the ‘wearer of many hats’ just like estate agents, mortgage advisors simply cannot devote hours to every aspect of the business.

Somewhere along the line, different parts of the business are prioritised and the aspects that can’t be co-ordinated without some help, advice or intervention get unintentionally left behind. This is perfectly normal because of course, every business owner wants to concentrate on what they do best.

For many mortgage advisors, the whole ‘content marketing aspect’ is an area that is overlooked, and for entirely genuine reasons.

  • No time
  • No strategy
  • No writing skills
  • No understanding of the benefits

It’s easier to ignore the task than add it to the list of things to do.

But content marketing is vital for anyone in the property industry as a visibility tool because in this digital age, those who don’t embrace it will find themselves invisible – and left behind.

We know exactly how frustrating it can be for busy professionals to find the time and inclination to settle on a topic, research it thoroughly, write decent content, source relevant images, edit and proofread. This is a process that can take a non-creative a couple of days at the very least, and that’s just for one article. So, we know that independent mortgage advisors will truly benefit from having reliable, anytime access to an on-demand library of industry relevant high-quality blog articles which can be repurposed on social media too.

All mortgage advisors should have the opportunity to easily harness the power of content marketing and use it to create a successful business

As an estate agent, you know that having premium content available to publish on-demand drives more traffic to your business so that you become more profitable, without worrying about restrictions due to time, cost or ability.

And that’s precisely why we wanted to duplicate this for mortgage advisors.

It works.

As an estate agent, you’ve got connections! Every estate agent knows at least one mortgage advisor – you may even have an in-house advisor who needs quality content to promote themselves and their services.

So, please let your mortgage advisor colleagues know about our brand-new service – or perhaps you would like to subscribe yourself to ensure you’re putting even more helpful content out to your potential clients.

Either way, we don’t ask for any payment details upfront, there’s a free article on registration and a 75% discount off your first month subscription with no contract tie in.

Click here to register at Content For Mortgage Advisors

Click here to register at Content For Estate Agents

See you soon!

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